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Ryan Vanden Boomen

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Really awesome game! For some reason, I get a neat rhythm game vibe from it. If anything, I wish that the ideas and mechanics were in service to doing more than basic "platformer stuff" (i.e. exploring an environment, doing daily tasks, etc.). Great job!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

We have a web build ready to go on Sunday!


I love the minimalistic art style!

I love that the game is about yeeting the drones.

The art looks extremely pretty!

I love the paint effects.

I love the art style!

Great Concept. I loved the visuals!

Awesome Game Feel!

I loved all of the goofy book covers!

I really like how the movement feels and works

This soundtrack slaps!!!

I loved the voxel art style!

This is the Duck Hunt sequel Nintendo is to cowardly to release.

I came. I popped. I conquered.

This is my favorite Spiderman game.

I love the concept. I can finally destroy pop.

Finally got someone to sit with me and play this. Super fun!

BOY. Never saw that coming.

I never thought one could *become* funko.

Enjoyed the rich lore!

Super cute!

Man, I "suck" at this game.


I think it was the one with Rocco from Mega64. Weird reference but I can roll with it.

Clearly, it was going to be a Battle Royale game.

I dig the art here.  It feels super polished and is pretty fun!

Robo-Vinny is my new favorite video game enemy.

That was neat. Does this mean I have a job at CBSi now?

I'm actually dying of laughter rn.

This is pretty clever and fun. Smart design choices here!

It truly is the most ambitious crossover event.

That intro cutscene though, lmao.

That's a pretty fun and goofy little thing.

I see someone else has been playing Into The Breach, lol. Although, I admit that a tutorial could have helped.

Nice. There's some deep cuts here that I usually don't see in these games. I like it.

That was pretty cute!