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Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback! Yeah, I don't know why Chrome and Safari it's been acting up but definitely try it in Firefox if you can. It works best on that browser.

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Thanks for playing man. Glad you enjoyed it! What ending did you get first?

And yeah, I don't know if you saw the post on the game page but I recommend playing it in Firefox if possible. Don't know why other browsers are having problems. Did any of the music or sound play for you at all in Safari?

Cool, cool. And for sure. I totally get that. 

Also, what door did you choose the first time meeting Jeff?

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Hahaha that definitely counts.

And counting the death screens? There are 13 different endings. 

I will say the endings that lead to the end credits page all have some variation, for sure. I made sure that every ending has a bit of a variation so they're each worth going through. I'd say click through the rest you didn't get. You might get a kick out of it. Also, what door did you choose the first time meeting Jeff?

I liked the simplicity of this. Reminded me a bit of the Home Run mini game in Smash Bros. Fun stuff!

Okay cool. I'm a big Mega64 guy too and I know Rocco and Ryan had a close relationship since Ryan got Mega64 access to a lot of game industry people early on in their career. It's kind of referencing that part of their friendship. But yeah, it's a bit out there if you don't know that haha.

Clearly! That or a 'live services' game. 

Thank you! Yeah, I wanted this to work as maybe a bit more than just a Giant Bomb fan service game (even though it is 100% that as well haha) and comment on the nature of nostalgia and trying to recapture something that was lost I guess as pretentious as that sounds haha. Glad you enjoyed it! What ending did you get first if you don't mind me asking? 

Thanks man! Glad you liked it! As I said before, I really liked yours as well! Looking forward to seeing whatever you do next! What ending did you get first if you don't mind me asking?

I loved seeing all the different endings and choices. Fun, descriptive writing and some cool sound design.

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Short, sweet, and really fun. This is a Mario Party mini game come to life in wonderful GB form.

This is really cool and I loved the style of it. Dan is gonna get a kick out of this.

I really dug this game a lot. Loved the writing and music of it and I'm always down for some good pixel art. 

I really dug the simplistic art style here. Nice work.

This was a really cool, fun little game. It is definitely one of the most polished games in this jam and it controls pretty well! I like how if you totally ignore the blocks, the game is very different than if you do. Well done!

I laughed at a lot of these jokes way harder than I should have. Really great job and nice references and callbacks.

Love the art style and the concept but I wasn't very good at this game and couldn't get past the 4th screen haha. Still a job well done!

As a video editor, this was both a stressful and amazingly fun game to play.

I'm a sucker for well made homages to games and this was so well done. Loved the Vinny segway tablet drones as enemies and all the dialogue in the beginning and with Drew.

It was hilarious to see how my 'surprise' was integrated into this. When this jam started, I kinda really wanted to see what a Hitduder 2 would have looked like but this was a nice, silly game too. Glad to have been a part of it!

I really enjoyed this and loved the variety of games and all the callbacks to Giant Bomb's history.

I loved everything about this even if it took a little bit to get used to the controls. Funny idea well executed!

I managed to beat Dan but that's it so far haha! 

I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe? I need to play it again for sure.

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Thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate it! I genuinely loved your game and it is my favorite of the jam (Well, one of my favorites! There are so many ones I loved!) It was super polished and well done and just a perfect homage to Punch Out!

Glad you liked the Stroke Me bit with Dan haha. I genuinely don't want anyone to be spoiled though so I'm not going to put any of the in-game screenshots on the page. Part of the fun is the reveal!

DM me what ending you first got too! I'd love to hear your thoughts! This was my first game and it was lot of fun but a lot of hard work!

Really enjoyed the Binding of Isaac style gameplay!

This is absolutely one of the best games of the jam. Fantastic job!

This is my favorite game submitted during this jam even if I wasn't very good at it haha!