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Horrifying. Well done.

like that it went between 2d/3d!

cool idea! 

This is really hard, wasn't able to get past the second "outside" level but it was a lot of fun trying!

Art for this turned out great! Left/Right movement felt too fast, but this looks great overall

lol I knew that Kenney asset as soon as I saw it! Good job making a brief but funny small game, the end was a fun surprise

Welcome to the game-making club! I apparently can't stay away from those dang family sedans....

Clever idea, I really liked the voice sound effects

So so hard! Had fun with it and super impressed, but it's tough as nails. Shmups are really hard though, so well done.

Love the sim death interpretations and the hand drawn style

always fun to see puzzle games appear, the only thing that felt a bit off was that I couldn't seem to drop a piece if I selected it on accident? Regardless, good job at inducing Overcooked anxiety :)

Really cool to see something so different!

boardgame idea is cool, didn't have 4 people to test with but it seemed neat from playing solo for a while

Despite the blasphemy of Lockdown manipulation, this was cute and liked the physics objects thrown in for good measure, especially the bell.

this was a lot of fun, felt too floaty until I got used to it but then I learned how to move around and had a good time.

I think I did well? It was nice when the smaller rotating ones showed up for a change of pace, good luck on your bigger project!

Killer job, I wish it got harder though? Seemed like it was the same difficulty for as long as i played it. Made me laugh pretty hard though, and felt good to play.

this was great, LOVED the spaghetti assassination

Great job! Fun mini-puzzles, good use of mechanics, and well done staying within a small scope to deliver something delightful.

Had fun with this, really enjoyed the visuals that went along with it! It seemed to hang for a really long time in chrome a couple of times, but worked pretty well overall

Good writing, I like the setup of meeting them then investigating. Also, Vinnie as a wizard is very, very true.

Really good writing, laughed out loud multiple times. Thank goodness Bakalar didn't have to deal with any refrigerator jokes!

well done, good job!

if you think you did, then I think you did too. That being said, there are actually two endings so it’s hard to say! Thanks for checking it out, find both endings if you can!

Making health/death systems have meaningful impact in a gamejam requires a lot of tuning, since it was just me I like to imply vulnerability but let the player still get through the game.

 So you probably (definitely) had negative hp. Thanks for playing and commenting!!!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks so much! I wanted to have fun with the visual novel genre :)

That particular... object was actually built out of the contra 1 first boss’ sprite!

This was fantastic! Great art and sound, can't believe how much you were able to accomplish

Art looks good, unable to get past first level

Simple but effective, felt like a proper goofy Unity game

super great gameplay! This is a cool idea, simple but effective and the portraits are fantastic

was pretty confusing, but loved the art!