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Zero-G Nuclear Space T3TRISView game page

Blow up Tetris space stations with nukes!
Submitted by andyman404 (@andyman404) — 3 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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​​You are the ruthless overlord of the space station T3TRIS. Unwanted visitors flock to your territory because of the lovely view. Keep this well-trafficked station from expanding outside the boundaries, by any means necessary! (Nuclear weapons allowed)

Made in 72 hours for GameDevLeague May 2018 Jam​ and Dreamhack Austin Jam​. The themes are "Remake a Classic Game" and "S P A C E" respectively. I interpreted this as zero gravity space Tetris. I added a gratuitous nuclear twist to make the game explode.


1. Maneuver the station and the incoming spacecraft to control where they connect. Poorly aligned docking attemps can cause trouble. I'm leaving the occasional glitches as a feature. Use them to your advantage to achieve miraculous maneuvers. My non-gamer wife used them to get a score of 20100!

2. Connect at least 8 blocks in a line to evict them and gain points. Gain bonus points when evicting multiple lines at once. The points for 1-4 simultaneous evictions are: 100, 300, 500, and 800.

3. After every 1000 points earned, a nuclear missile will automatically be fired at the station, in a spiraling path inwards towards the center. Make sure it hits where it counts.

4. You lose if the station grows outside of the red lines.


Rotate Station: Left/Right or A/D keys
Rotate Incoming Spacecraft: Up/Down or W/S keys
Accelerate Incoming Spacecraft: Hold Space (Gives extra points)
Pause/Menu: Escape

What Assets did you use?
Music: "Nonstop" by Kevin Macleod (, CC-By 3.0.

Sound Effects: Explosion sound, Missile Sound, Alarm sound: GDC Game Audio Bundle.

Font: Nexa Free Light

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Nice work, good stuff. Was first very worried this would be really hard to control but it seems you catered for that in your adjustment and snapping.. great work. a nice unique twist on a classic game.


What to say except that we are really impressed by a game like this created during one jam. We must admit that even if we were quite bad at the game, we enjoyed it a lot ! (We still have a lot to learn, and your work is inspiring !)


This is the sort of thing you'd Expect from a game studio or a one month deadline. I'm honestly impressed that you managed to make all of this in 3 days. Seriously, I mean I though I did a great job with my game but your project just blows it out the water.


Thanks! I've done like 70+ game jams. This game only needed two very simple 3D models (a cube and a rocket), and no characters or character animations. All the rest of the effects/art is made with particle systems and Unity's new Cinemachine/Timeline features. So I was left with a good proportion of time to polish stuff for once. I did pull an all-nighter though. I saw your game, and I'm sure that by the time you get to your 70th game jam, your stuff will blow my stuff out of the water. Just keep jamming!


This game is like it was made in months not 72 hours!

Great Game!


Thanks! Just under 72 hours, but with only about 8 hours of sleep total across the 3 days! I totally crashed afterwards and am regretting it now. I'm getting too old for all-nighters.


This game is a complete package. Art, sound, game play, theme! Wonderful game!