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I figured it out. Neat idea!

Great concept! took me a few attempts!

Pretty decent golf game. I enjoyed it!

The visuals are great and the sound is very fitting. Great Job

I can't get any buttons to work. Any ideas?

Awesome game!

hey, thanks for the feedback. I agree with your criticisms. The inability to shoot down was a design decision though. The gun was supposed to be the ship from galaga but I’m not sure how well that came across. Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed this game. Music/more sounds effects would be a good addition.

Impressive game! The game play is satisfying and the art and sounds are very clean and polished! Well done!

I am not very good at this game. The concept is very awesome and interesting. Well executed! I like it a lot! 

This game is a complete package. Art, sound, game play, theme! Wonderful game!

The game play was a little confusing at first. Cool concept though!

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! 

The art and polish on this game are superb.  The mechanics are interesting but not in my personal favorite play style.  Cool game!

The beginning is a bit slow but when you get your first upgrade the game really picks up. It does get to a point where I could just sit in the middle of the screen and spam the space bar to win. If you could capture the difficulty of the middle part of the game throughout I feel the game would be better paced.

This game is very cool. I agree with the previous comment about the restart instructions. I like the art!

Not bad at all for your first game! I'm a little confused what the cheese and turtle do but a decent pong clone nonetheless!

The addition of a difficulty slider is a nice touch!

Good asteroids clone! I would like to see this with sound and improved UI. 

This is a beautiful game. The ascetics are wonderful and the game play is intuitive. The risk reward mechanic is a fun decision also. Very good game!

I am a big fan of this style of game and this is a beautiful example of the genre. Fun, fast, intuitive game play! Well done!

The simple design mixed with good visual effects and great sound choice makes this a good block breaker! I enjoyed it.

This game is great. Very good job of introduction mechanics and making interesting puzzles. I enjoyed it a lot!

I had fun playing this game. I liked the theme but it didn't feel like building an apartment after the first couple floors. I would recommend experimenting with making the pieces look like part of a building. (i.e. windows, balconies, etc.).  Great concept!

Very cool concept. Surprisingly interesting strategy.  Could use some music and maybe play a little faster. Cool game!

Very good design. Clever combination of mechanics with professional level of polish, art and sound design. Well done.

Decent game of pong with a nice graphic for the ball. I'm a little confused about the Tetris part thought.