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May Gamejam Submission: A "cheesy" twist on pong
Submitted by thorie — 1 day, 16 hours before the deadline

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My first game :)

What Assets did you use?
Credit goes to: for sound FX and music
Cheese from
Turtle from
Phaser 3 Engine

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Hey, this is pretty fun! I like the powerups, especially the mechanic where you can destroy the AI's paddle - there is a bug though where if you get enough of them together and spam the key to activate the powerup, the counter can break. all-in-all though it's a creative version of pong!


thank you for the feedback and trying my first game! This encourages me to try more game jams!


good stuff, interesting take on pong. I think the cheese speeds you up and the turtle slows you down? im not too sure haha but good job!


You have to press 'C' to use the cheese. It will launch the cheese at the enemy's paddle and turn it into swiss cheese.

You have to press 'T' to use the turtle. You can try it :)


Firstly, as a first game this is really good! As far as execution is concerned it is amazing. It seemed like an interesting game mechanically. However, you've made a few mistakes that even I made before playtesting in my Pong style game.

So firstly, Players kept saying that the ball would shoot of before they were ready. To address that i made a countdown before the ball launches and then a .5s pause before it shoots off. You could also slow down time do something else to show that the ball is on the move now.

I too, have pickups. However my players didn't know what they all did so i decided to make a little popup saying like "ball speed up" or "paddle size increased" to make it super clear. (what are tht cheese and turtles for? are they good or bad?)

Another thing is a tutorial of some sort. In-game would be too much effort to expect in 3 days and even I just went with a static text box in-game but I think players would like your game more if you added at least a written explanation of your mechanic to your game page (again what do the cheese and turtle do?)


Thanks! Great tips I can use for my next game jam. The tutorial idea would definitely help.


Not bad at all for your first game! I'm a little confused what the cheese and turtle do but a decent pong clone nonetheless!