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Thanks for your reply! The game is intended to be played at 1920x1080. You should be able to change this resolution in the launcher. I did play around with the cereal having a circle collider instead of a polygon but it just didnt feel as nice rolling around with it. Thanks for playing!

Rage quit

This game is like it was made in months not 72 hours!

Great Game!

Not my style of game but everything looks and feels great!

Visually pleasing and fun game. A wonderful entry!

Interesting design! Wonderful take. The ambient sound was like a stubborn bee in my ear, though!

Didn't think you could make puzzles out of snake but here you've done it! Wonderful game!

Great Game! Wish you would have made the powerups more likely. Maybe my playthrough was just slim on those. I found a gamebreaking bug though, If I keep pressing R until all blocks are destroyed, I win no matter what!

Based on the theme of the game jam I'd say you kinda dropped the ball. The game was fun for a moment but seems like an exact clone of asteroids. There was supposed to be some kind of game changing twist.

Game was great! Fun to play and the menu was seamless. However, I felt it odd that after I died I could still attack the ghosts!