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nice work, i enjoyed this a bit too much. that soundtrack is great too. would love to know the source of the music?

nice work, Good feel to the game. Interesting mechanics would be of been awesome if it was longer. good job!

nice concept. would have been nice to have a few more things you could do such as moving faster. or use a shield. good work.

looks great, plays nice, wish there was more.

nice! bit short but clever.

really disturbed me but also kinda took the edge off. i dunno how i feel... lol good job! :) the animation is really nice and even the low poly looks great so really good work..

great idea. looks cool. thanks for entering .

Suggestions for improvement would be to speed up player movement, provide a bit more feedback on when things are following you and clearer goals.

nice work, fun idea, I would have liked to see a bit more feedback from the enemies you hit. Maybe some obstacles to avoid also.

nice work. cute graphics. 

TIL: a lot of people like to put headphones up their butt.

nice work, simple, effective, spidery.

nice :P i think i broke the pressure switch as i went left and fell off the screen :P i could just walk through the door anways.

I like the idea of dimensions

nice, Simple i like it :) made it through with 3 clones best.

not bad, very simple. seems i could only use the middle 4-5 spots.

nice work, The letters appeared so randomly it took a while to first find the letter but interesting idea. thanks for participating.

lol not bad. i like the idea of track switching, i wasn't really sure what i was supposed to shoot and what i was supposed to avoid though. But good job considering 16 hours.

pretty good once i realised the controls at first I kept thinking the goal was to bounce.. only after playing with it for a bit i realised you need to go down on the cars to move left.

nice work pretty fun.

heh it's pretty cool. It was a little daunting at the start trying to work out what I'm doing, and where I'm going.. I didn't know that number in front of me was my speed.. I was holding shift the whole time so it only put speed at 20.. finally worked out to press it multiple times and get it up to 100.

I didn't make any deliveries on time :(

apart from that pretty good, nice work

trippy... nice idea.

nice, you really set the atmosphere.. enjoyed it.

not bad, very hard! thanks for participating

nice graphics, very clean. good job.

very hard, i couldn't manage to deliver more than 2.

not bad, Simple idea, 1 mechanic. You gave instructions and warned about the speed up. nice work.

nice idea, a bit hard, would be great to move faster or even move with the mouse! thanks for participating!

not bad, i like the models and those zombies are creepy. good work.

feedback - music felt out of place,
camera was a bit close.

fun little game.. feels nice, music is nice too.. 10k i felt was a bit steep for the first upgrade. but nice work.

Nice work i really enjoyed this.. wasnt sure if i broke it or not but it started spamming dude :P


fun game nice work :) camera is very jarring is my only feedback :)

thanks so much for the nice comments :P

yup unfortunately all the little things i needed to do were left till the end and i was falling asleep at my keyboard haha :(

Fun Game! i like the melee attack and the glue idea was awesome.. good work :)

thanks for participating and submitting.

nice try. thanks for participating and submitting an entry!

i easily caught the slime pretty quickly :P but its a nice idea.. I wasn't sure what the green things were or the orange cubes i think the orange cubes sped me up but im not sure :P

great first try though :)

thanks for the submission! good work on submitting.

interesting little game, The green stuff propels you pretty fast to a speed you cannot control :P so i didn't get too much opportunity to kill any snails.. but still good work on participating and entering :)

Perfect.. plays so nice! i had sound so not sure why ironprime didnt.

Really enjoyable little game... managed to beat the boss after about 5 lives.

fun game! Will need to try again when i have someone to play with, but i like the idea of the mechanics! nice work :)