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nice theme to the game, took me ages to work out i could attack until i read the comments here. I never got past the first level in the time :D

interesting concept, i think with some further work it could be quite engaging.

damn wasn't expecting that! nice work. nice visuals, overall great theme

nice work, fun little game, took me a bit to realise i wasn't meant to shoot the giant at the start.

aww i wanted to see him fall off :P interesting submission, well done.

love that chicken dance.

It's a nice idea just needed a bit more polish.

looks cool, I like that you can activate that sick power :P

Seems my ship flies faster than the right click ability and it never seems to hit anything. Also couldn't quit for some reason. nice work

beautiful art style, looked great. unfortunately had some stuttering every few seconds, not sure why, I have a pretty beefy machine.

nice work, simple and easy to play. pushing boxes were a little weird but it worked

nice, cool little game, controls were ok, it would of been nice to move faster and if I wasn't so OP :P I just had to spam click and nothing could hurt me. But good work, a simple story from start to finish.

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What do you mean? The auto pigs do that for you? You can upgrade how often they tick to a max of per 0.5 secs and upgrade how many materials they give u per tick..

and once u upgrade to a wood hut, each tick gives you 10x the amount of wood as sticks. So for every 1 wood it gives you 10 sticks, reducing the need to click on stick huts, Then once u upgrade to stone, 1 stone gives u 10 wood. reducing the need to click on wood huts. So you only need to click a short time until u have the piggies working well on each new level of hut.

thanks for the kind words

hah thanks for the feedback, a that's a good idea with the zoom.

i loved this so much. I loved wario ware and this felt great. awesome work!

good stuff a nice twist on a classic. thanks for entering!

Nice work, good stuff. Was first very worried this would be really hard to control but it seems you catered for that in your adjustment and snapping.. great work. a nice unique twist on a classic game.

good stuff, interesting take on pong. I think the cheese speeds you up and the turtle slows you down? im not too sure haha but good job!

nice work, i love pico games and this was well made. fun little game!

niiice so smooth and lerpy. great work!

nice work, unique twist on a class. I kinda wish i could speed up turns tho and it gradually gets faster maybe down to 1 move per second or something. I also kinda felt it was impossible to lose. but i only played the first few levels.

Good work!

nice art style and tune, impressed with the level of polish. I just did not understand the game, were there any controls? or just pick text choices and it plays out? i was thoroughly confused :P

good work on the jam and thanks for the entering.

awesome work, nice to see a unique twist on a classic game like pong. I enjoyed the tunes so that was a great pick. I like the idea of 1v1 or vs varying levels of bots too. Great work. a complete game is nice to see.

good work, Nice tunes and interesting idea. Great job! I wish i could shoot downwards.. some of the ghosts had some collision issues.

great work, interesting idea. The one thing i wanted to see what a way to move the ball in a new direction by hitting it closer to the edge of the paddle. But it just kept going straight, So the ai never moved and it just went back and forth :(

yeah the difficulty really bothered me, I wish i could of made it more linear and gradually getting harder. I'll work on this.

I'll also work on more polish and juice.

thanks for playing and rating ;)

good job getting it made before the deadline! just like asteroids. I would of liked to have seen something new added. Also the turning speed was very slow compared to the speed of the asteroids but otherwise it's a working game, so great work!

nice effort, good remake of tetris with a twist. good work.

I feel like it could be more fun with more variation of pieces, snappier movement and something else new. Maybe another twist. Cause i kinda got bored after 1 apartment :P

either way you got it done and working before the deadline, great work!

great idea. I like the concept. Pretty awesome considering the limitations of pico! nice work.

feedback: input felt a bit laggy behind.
would detect the ladder 1 move before i actually got there.

otherwise nice one dude!

np thanks for the feedback and for playing and rating my game!

All this was planned, just ran out of time sadly.

thanks again :)

Thanks so much for the feedback! it is pretty accurate. I did attempt to scale the difficulty up but i ran out of time!

Thanks for playing and leaving me feedback, I will try to refine further post jam :)

nice work, i enjoyed this a bit too much. that soundtrack is great too. would love to know the source of the music?

nice work, Good feel to the game. Interesting mechanics would be of been awesome if it was longer. good job!

nice concept. would have been nice to have a few more things you could do such as moving faster. or use a shield. good work.

looks great, plays nice, wish there was more.

nice! bit short but clever.

really disturbed me but also kinda took the edge off. i dunno how i feel... lol good job! :) the animation is really nice and even the low poly looks great so really good work..

great idea. looks cool. thanks for entering .

Suggestions for improvement would be to speed up player movement, provide a bit more feedback on when things are following you and clearer goals.