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GDL - May Jam

Welcome to the 21st GDL Game Jam!

Thanks to everyone who gets involved with our jams, we love seeing the stuff you create and are so happy to be encouraging developers to just make something exist. One of the hardest parts of Game Developing is just making something, Putting it out there for all the world to see, it can be so daunting, But remember developing games is a skill just like any other, It can be learned, It can be repeated and you will improve over time.

The fastest way to improve is to train! Make something every chance you get and that's where these game jams come in. The purpose of the GDL Game Jams are not about the prizes, I put those up just to create an extra incentive for those who need that extra push, The point is just to get you making something. Dreaming up an idea, Putting those ideas into actionable steps and following through. Only by first creating something, can we then make a hypothesis on how to improve it and take steps to implement those improvements. So what are you waiting for? Register for the Game Jam and start improving your skills.


Make a remake of a classic and give it a new spin!, pong, tetris, breakout and snake are some examples! Make it fun and unique in some way.


  • Contestants will have 3 Days of development time.
  • All Game engines are welcome!
  • Teams are allowed (prize will be split)
  • You have full creative freedom to make what you wish, However the spirit of the jam is to follow the theme and make the best game you can, If you don't you probably won't get disqualified but people tend to vote for the best game true to the theme.
  • You can use any artwork, code or audio that is open source and free for all to use.. Free assets, paid assets and open source is ok, Previous projects are not.. reusing previous made games is not.
  • Voting is handled by Itch on a 1-5 star scale in 4 categories. (Fun, Creativity, Polish, Theme), voting is open to the public.


  • Submit your game to and to the submission page and be sure to fill in all fields.
  • Submissions must be made available to Violent Crumble (Upon request) before prizes will be awarded.
  • Submissions must be either playable online eg. WebGL(Preferred) or Windows / Mac / Linux playable.
  • Please be sure to link your Discord Username as that is where i will contact you regarding, prizes entries and anything else relevant to the jam!


Now I don't like to make these jams about the prizes as i think you are a winner just for getting involved and making something. However sometimes we need that little extra push, So I am glad to provide some small prizes to the winners if it helps to motivate you.

Top 3 places will be rewarded with awesome special roles in the Discord Server!

As well as: If there are more than 10 Submissions Prizes are:

  • 1st – Steam Gift Card (Valued up to $10) + Special Role!
  • 2nd – Steam Gift Card (Valued up to $5) + Special Role!
  • 3rd – Special Role!

If we get more than 20 submissions, I'll double the prizes!!!

  • 1st – Steam Gift Card (Valued up to $25) + Special Role!
  • 2nd – Steam Gift Card (Valued up to $10) + Special Role!
  • 3rd – Steam Gift Card (Valued up to $5) + Special Role!

If we have any issues with steam gift cards we can work something out for you!

How Do I Enter This Amazing Jam?

Simple!, Join the discord and get hyped! - Or simply go to

Depending which engine you are using you can find help in GDL:

  • Unity => #unity-dev
  • Unreal => #unreal-dev
  • Gm / Gm 2 => #gm-studio-dev
  • Cryengine => #cryengine-dev
  • Love => #love2d-dev
  • Monogame / Lib GDX => #monogame-and-libgdx-dev
  • Godot => #godot-dev

And for all your gamejam discussions head to => #gamejam-chat

type !gamejam register anywhere in the discord server to register for gamejam notifications.

You will receive pms from the server bot when i send out messages :)

How do i begin?

When the GameJam starts, Tiny Rick (The discord server bot) will change his message to let people know the theme, and i will update the details on the Itch page (Here). I will also try to update the twitter but it's also best to hang out in the discord and get tiny ricks message.

How do I win it?

All submissions will be posted to Itch and open to public vote and the top 3 || 4 will be chosen.

Good luck! "May the odds be ever in your favor"

Note: The game jams are self funded , If you would like to donate and help out, You can do so below.



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Blow up T3tris space stations with nukes!
An endless ghost punching arcade! First "full" game I've made, using PICO-8 for GDL May Game Jam.
Play in browser
Snake, with trains
Play in browser
Fighting game where skills depend on flashbacks.
Play in browser
Wario Ware like with video game classics
Asteroids on steroids
3D Brick Breaker
A combination of Pong and Breakout
Build an apartment as high as possible using your block puzzle skills.
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May Gamejam Submission: A "cheesy" twist on pong
Play in browser
Tetris but with pong
Play in browser
Special take on Frogger
A galaga type game made for the May Jam
Play in browser
Pac-Man Retro Mashup for GDL May Game Jam!
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Hyper Pong extreme is a cross of pong and flappy bird with an 80's aesthetic made in 3 days for the GDL - May Jam
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Centipede but as a FPS
Play in browser
A snake dungeon crawler made in PICO-8
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