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Infiltrate Area 52View game page

Let's see them humans!
Submitted by CDelisa — 2 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Use#333.3083.308

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How was your jamming experience? Were you able to produce more or less than you expected?
My best jamming experience so far. I was able to make a much larger level than I imagined yet keep the mechanics simple.

How did you apply the theme to your entry?
I set my entry in space, referencing the popular meme about invading Area 51.

Anything else to add? (share your twitter, twitch, youtube etc.)
Hint: There is one door you can enter.

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Really nice game been playing for 20 min now xD the controls have a bit of learning curve but I got used to it love the art style! Could be a potential good platformer game ;) 


Thanks! I think the artstyle sets the atmosphere just right. I also got used to the controls. At a certain point, I thought it was too easy so I added in a bunch of obstacles, haha!


It definitely needs a HUD with game information. I like the concept and how it turned out! Congratulations for your hard work. 


Thank you! So much of my focus was on level design that I didn't even think about the HUD.  It'd be much more user-friendly to provide such game information.


Nice work on this, the mechanic of going around beaming up things was really fun! The movement was a little hard to control at time, momentum can be a fun thing, but it seemed like the control would remain at its last input position, so there was no slowdown to the momentum which is essential. I would love some on-screen indicators for health or perhaps a way to see how many aliens you had picked up. Overall though this was a really cool entry, nice work! :)


Thanks James! Good tip on the slowdown. I will work on that. It's nice to hear comments about this, because I had gotten used to the mechanics, haha!

As for the health indicators, I do have the character sprite change as it gets damaged. But it is subtle. I could use something like a heart GUI to make it clear. And now that you mention it, it'd be cool to keep track of how many aliens were picked up and maybe factor that into a score at the end.


There's some cool stuff here. I found it hard, but I enjoyed checking it out. I hope you will have time to check out my jam entry 'Space Needs Space'


Thanks! I will check out your game.


Good job putting together a cool game!  The controls are cool but maybe a bit too slippery~ Keep improving! If you have time, please check out my entry game 'Europa'.  It's a 2d platformer too.


Thanks! I like the idea of the controls being a little slippery for a character that flies around in space, but perhaps they could use a bit of tweaking. And I will check out your game!


The player is a little difficult to control, and we don't really know where to go at the start. But the graphics are cool, and the music is welcome for the game's mood. Good job!


Thanks! I intentionally made the controls difficult to keep the player on edge. But you get used to it quickly. The trick is to tap the keys and when you’re about to hit something, tap in the opposite direction.

That’s because instead of setting the velocity of the rigid body, I add a force to it. Makes it feel like floating around in space.

I didn’t give any direction about where to go because I wanted to encourage exploration. But maybe it could use more hints.