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Very cool! Clever use of the theme and great execution. If I had any suggestions, it'd be adding a fullscreen button and some sort of highlighting feature when you click a piece of furniture. Because sometimes I would click, move the mouse over the room, and apparently the furniture isn't selected.

Thanks! I think the artstyle sets the atmosphere just right. I also got used to the controls. At a certain point, I thought it was too easy so I added in a bunch of obstacles, haha!

I dig the artstyle. The grabber mechanic was innovative in how it can extend different lengths, which adds an element of strategy. I would suggest adding a little menu. Even just with a quit option because I had to open task manager or press alt+tab to close the application.

Thanks! I will check out your game.

Thank you! So much of my focus was on level design that I didn't even think about the HUD.  It'd be much more user-friendly to provide such game information.

Thanks James! Good tip on the slowdown. I will work on that. It's nice to hear comments about this, because I had gotten used to the mechanics, haha!

As for the health indicators, I do have the character sprite change as it gets damaged. But it is subtle. I could use something like a heart GUI to make it clear. And now that you mention it, it'd be cool to keep track of how many aliens were picked up and maybe factor that into a score at the end.

It's a very cool game! The art is great. The mechanics work well. The parallax is a nice touch. But I appear to be stuck on the first level. Right after killing the 1st wave of jellyfish. There doesn't seem to be a way to reach the platform to the right, even with double jumping. And I don't think there's a pause button so restarting will be a little tedious.

Thanks! I like the idea of the controls being a little slippery for a character that flies around in space, but perhaps they could use a bit of tweaking. And I will check out your game!

Great concept! I love the art and think the physics usage was quite clever. 

I like it! What's the incentive for getting more money? A tradeoff for the amount of score vs amount of fuel?

Nice job! It runs smoothly. I would suggest adding some sort of visual effect when you get hurt to make it obvious. And the double jump/sword didn't do anything. Or is it just me?

Thanks! I intentionally made the controls difficult to keep the player on edge. But you get used to it quickly. The trick is to tap the keys and when you’re about to hit something, tap in the opposite direction.

That’s because instead of setting the velocity of the rigid body, I add a force to it. Makes it feel like floating around in space.

I didn’t give any direction about where to go because I wanted to encourage exploration. But maybe it could use more hints.

GamesPlusJam 2 community · Created a new topic Oops...

I've been working hard on this game jam, and I accidentally just made Starfield. Sorry Todd Howard! Forgive me.

It's the perfect character for my metroidvania! His many animations provide the possibility for abilities to be unlocked over time to traverse the world faster and unlock new areas. For instance, the wall run animation inspires new gameplay opportunities. Great work!

My dude, the frames are cutoff. Can it be fixed?

Thank you for including my game! I liked your video.

chrome on windows.

Nice game! A little addictive and harder than it sounds. I'd add shortcut keys to make the restart function quicker instead of having to click the waiter, then click the start button etc.

Couldn't get it running. The music played but no visuals showed up. (web player)

Nice job! Plays very smoothly and I like the particle fx. Kind of addictive to collect the coffees.

Very cool! I like the concept and the idea of the caffeine meter. A simple, but strategy-oriented game. And as a black coffee drinker, I can dig the premise. 

I forgot to mention that your character's weight affects move speed and age affects dehydration rate. You might find that the player moves too fast. Just raise your weight. Also, the character slows as he/she gets more dehydrated. So as you get farther in the game, you will have to make the choice to get either carts or water.

If you don't get enough water, you will die. If you don't get enough carts, you will get fired. Playing the game on a higher "age" is like having a difficulty mode because you have less time.

Thanks for the encouragement! It was my first game jam and I had several ideas but not time for all of them. A great learning experience and gauge of my abilities!