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It's the perfect character for my metroidvania! His many animations provide the possibility for abilities to be unlocked over time to traverse the world faster and unlock new areas. For instance, the wall run animation inspires new gameplay opportunities. Great work!

My dude, the frames are cutoff. Can it be fixed?

Thank you for including my game! I liked your video.

chrome on windows.

Nice game! A little addictive and harder than it sounds. I'd add shortcut keys to make the restart function quicker instead of having to click the waiter, then click the start button etc.

Nice! I loved the whole concept of it, with the zombies and everything. Also the menu and text explanations worked well. Runs smoothly and there's room to add more levels in the future.

Couldn't get it running. The music played but no visuals showed up. (web player)

Nice job! Plays very smoothly and I like the particle fx. Kind of addictive to collect the coffees.

Very cool! I like the concept and the idea of the caffeine meter. A simple, but strategy-oriented game. And as a black coffee drinker, I can dig the premise. 

I forgot to mention that your character's weight affects move speed and age affects dehydration rate. You might find that the player moves too fast. Just raise your weight. Also, the character slows as he/she gets more dehydrated. So as you get farther in the game, you will have to make the choice to get either carts or water.

If you don't get enough water, you will die. If you don't get enough carts, you will get fired. Playing the game on a higher "age" is like having a difficulty mode because you have less time.

Thanks for the encouragement! It was my first game jam and I had several ideas but not time for all of them. A great learning experience and gauge of my abilities!