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Adam Frost

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Great to hear! That last level is tough.

Thanks! Glad you had some fun with it :)

Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, I've been doing a lot of alt+tabbing to close jam entries too, so I agree :)

Thanks for your comments! Yeah, that final level was made pretty close to deadline so I didn't get much time to test it. Essentially there are a few too many objects in the same physics layer that can collide with, and influence the physics of, other objects. (and It is exacerbated by  the object's movement speeds being faster in that level). That said, it is do-able. If you can snatch a few junk items out of the crowd pretty quickly after the level starts the scope for weird physics to happen is reduced.

I always start out with a file called Template2D as it's just my default blank Unity project I have saved with the folders already set up and ordered the way I like them. Just saves me 5 minutes when I start something new. Forgot to change the exe name :)

There's some cool stuff here. I found it hard, but I enjoyed checking it out. I hope you will have time to check out my jam entry 'Space Needs Space'

Nice game. I like the puzzle elements and the manner in which tension builds and turns to panic very quickly. I hope you will have time to check out my jam entry 'Space Needs Space'.

Thanks for commenting! Glad to hear you had fun with the game -I will definitely check out 'Europa'

Neat game. I think the increase in speed is well paced.