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I don't really stop the game after death, I don't set time scale neither pause the game. But I'll take a look and fix it!

Thanks Jules! About the AI, I expent a lot of time in the customization, the principal mechanic in the game, so the AI was made in a hurry.  
About this bug, I'll investigate it. Thank you very much for your review!

Loved the shooting to move mechanic and how it replicates in combat. The only thing I didn't liked is the camera fixed moving in the direction of the movement input. The camera show follow the mouse position, it would be way better to play the game.

It definitely needs a HUD with game information. I like the concept and how it turned out! Congratulations for your hard work. 

Thank you very much gamesplusjames! 
The enemy indicator was going to happen but I got out of time in the jam. Maybe later I'll make a version with more pieces for the spaceship (like in KH2) and add the things that got cut out in the jam version. Thanks for your review!

I fast click the space bar and the game closes :)

Sorry for a pointless post like this, but for those that downloaded my game ( and tried to play it and got awarded with a fatal error (some complained about this while others managed to play), the game file is update and no more errors! Looking forward for all your reviews! Thanks community

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I'll check it for sure! Thanks for your review. 

And if you want to have a talk about your idea just hit me!

Try again Tadas! I updated the file. Thanks for pointing that out

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Thanks for pointing that out. I don't know what caused the problem in your machine, but I updated the file and it should work now!

I already participated in a jam where each case would be analyzed by the moderator, so:

I renamed the .exe file after compiling the game and it works fine for me. But for people that don't have Unreal Engine installed, it doesn't works. Could I reupload the fixed name version rather than asking the player to change a file name?

Good to hear it! I almost didn't made it because of my job. I sent the game, but unfortunatelly some bugs were sent together haha

Hyper Ultra Space Saga

Thanks for the review Some Brothers Studio. 
As I said in another comment, you shouldn't see the opening animation more than one time. It is a bug and will be fixed in the future.
But I agree with you game, the game is lacking a Retry button for quick replay. Thanks again!

Thanks for the review SAGiggs.
Unfortunatelly, you shouldn't have to go through the intro after each level. It is a bug and will be fixed.
We will keep your suggestions in mind for the next version release.

Thanks Rectus, I'll add a Skip Leaderboard option.

Thanks for the feedback Jon. I used external file hosting because the only internet connection I had was from my smartphone, and I got a lot of errors trying to upload the game with it. Using Drive was really my last resource.

This is my first game jam too, going to give it a try!