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Submit the game idea you're working on! Sticky

A topic by LanaChircop created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 237 Replies: 13
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Please submit the game idea you're working on so we can balance the number of games per idea. One per team please! :)

I'm going to work with Antonio's!


I'll either work on Evans or Antonios. But I'd work on Hope's idea as a backup if we need more equal distribution!


We plan on working on Hope's idea.


I would like to take Hope's, but I can pick Benjamin's if it is already taken =) 

I might go for either Evan's or Benjamin's


I'm working on Hope's with the bunnies, and using aspects from Claudia's with the wonder tsum tsum.


I tried drawing a Wonder Tsum Tsum, but my art skills aren't good and it turned out poorly. I'll have another go at it though, and if it looks reasonable, I might have a go at Claudia's idea. Otherwise, I'll have to work on one of the other ideas.

I'm working on Evan's idea.

Evan's is pretty interesting. Do you need any artists? This would work as a 2D sidescroller, I could help with art for that if needed.

I wouldn't mind an artist helping out. Do you have a discord account?

Yup. EchoJPapa#7888 on Discord. 

I'm working with another programmer now on the Wonder Tsum idea, but I will probably have some time for additional art or menu screens tonight or tomorrow. 

I'm an artist looking for a group or project. Or depending on time, I could work on different projects. Let me know. 

Reply here or find me on twitter @ericpeets 


Working on Benjamin's Tabby cat right now! :)