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Baked Bears

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This game is amazing. You accomplished so much in so little time for this gamejam. I would only suggest to create a How to Play screen when possible. Maybe adjusting the difficulty ramp of the helicopter would be cool to, it already starts too powerful. But these are all minor adjustments.

We had fun, thank you for this awesome project!

I agree with Kai. The whole concept of the game is fantastic, but it is also too unfogiving. With the right tweaks it can come up as a great experience :)

What an awesome game, I couldn't beat the boss but the results are impressive for such a short gamejam. Congratulations.

Hahaha, this game is so cute, is there a way of getting the bee to fly faster?

Congratulations on your entry!

Hey! The colours and art in this game are fantastic! Congratulations for the results , I had quite some fun playing it! 

Hi! We baked some new stuff and have a new update! Check it out :D

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This is so comfy, haha, thank you.

You don't know how much this comment means to us. Thank you for playing and having fun! :) 

We are aware of this bug, thank you for pointing that out. Right now we are completely destroyed from the jam, but we have a task list that we intent on finishing until next wednesday.

Your  games are awesome too! See you around and thank you for everything again :)