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Hi! :)

yay!!! 🙂

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Thanks for the comment! I updated the performance and quality of the game on v.2. I uploaded it if you want to give it another go!

Thanks for playing!


  • Online assets are ok to use.  Just be sure to credit work where credit is due. 

featured on the untitled games of fame  on our website 

the theme is: (Minimalism) it can be interrupted in anyway you want.

yup =)


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Sure just let us know, and we can send you a link to upload. We normally don't start streaming until Wednesday night EST, so you are more than welcome to make any updates on the game until then. So if you want to setup a page now and then upload and make some updates that is fine as well before stream day.

yes you may =)


Sure =)

Np, glad you were able to submit your game =)

if you are still having issues. I can send you a link to submit. What's your name on discord? 

That's perfectly fine. Any engine can be used when making your game. 

We encourage that during the voting period and after. 

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submissions will not show until submission window closes. I can see your game has been submitted.

glad I could help =) 

We just implemented this feature this game jam. You as the submitter should be able the edit the project since it makes it's own itch page. I believe tho, the edits should reflect the game subbed in the game jam. Submissions aren't locked so editing is allowed. I will test this out later as well to see what is happening. 

I believe once you hit the submit button and add the game it will show up. I hope that helped.

thanks, robear!!

You can use grayscale or black, white , and gray.

Great game, enjoyed the interesting story :)

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Great game, really like the game's message :)

Running into the same issue wasn't able to run the game.

Fun Brick Breaker!!! :)

Nice game really liked the in-game dialog :) I definitely run that same way at the grocery store :P

Fun Zombie killer game :)

just tried the link it worked for me 

Hi petalbook, 

Does it show join server when clicking the invite? 

Really like the concept of you have here!! sure was a maze with no walls :P Keep the great work!!

thanks TOBI =)

Fun game, Caveman in space !!!  :)

Really fun game, sweet use of dead eye in this game. good work :)

are you on the discord by chance?

Have an theme suggestion?

*Need help thinking of some words? * Random Word Generator

Really enjoyed the game!! Totally team Vladimir he's a stud :) Puppies!!!!


Fun game!! Enjoyed the game, nice shotgun sound :)