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Awesome! Just send it to me at "anything AT" where anything can be anything.

I'm working on a Wonder Tsum game. After watching some tsum tsum videos on YouTube, I found that the Tsum Tsums make a squeaking noise when they move. Would someone be able to create a sound file with a squeaking noise for the game? It's probably possible to just go to a website like, and keep clicking on the sound buttons on the left until it creates something close and see if it can generate the necessary squeak noise and then save it out.

I'm having trouble getting any coding done at the moment for some reason, but I was to make a Wonder Tsum drawing if anyone needs one for their game:

I tried drawing a Wonder Tsum Tsum, but my art skills aren't good and it turned out poorly. I'll have another go at it though, and if it looks reasonable, I might have a go at Claudia's idea. Otherwise, I'll have to work on one of the other ideas.

Also, are you in Toronto? Have you done any gamejams before? My general MO is that I'm sort of lazy, but I'm good at planning and coding, so although my ambition will be low, there will be a complete game at the end.

Cool. What sort of art style and tools do you use? Do you do 2d? Do you animate? Any particular style of game that you prefer?

I'm looking to make really tiny Flash-style casual games for the Jam. I primarily work in HTML5 with my own tools and workflow, but I can use Unity in a pinch.

I'm a coder, and I can maybe find the time to make a game (I might need to start a bit before the game jam period though). I would need an artist to make all the art though. Are there any artists interested in working with me?

Also, which requests have been taken already and which are available? Or is it just going to be a free-for-all? (That's fine btw, I just want to know.)