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I want to help, but have no task, where on earth just could I ask?

A topic by JanoscExe created Nov 30, 2017 Views: 163 Replies: 7
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Hey there, fellow gamedevs! 
Should anyone of you find themselves without anything to during this weekend, feel free to post it over here! There'll propably be many teams, who need help sometime during the jam! 
Us for example, we might be looking for some support by a 2D artist down the line :)
Have fun jamming!


I'm a freelance artist this weekend (I don't have a group or a project yet), I can work on 2D or 3D art. Let me know what you might need. 

Deleted post

Working with another programmer now, so I likely won't have time for this as well.

Can I join a team or help on someone's project?  let me know what needs to be done! 

I am here in person :) 


I'm working on a Wonder Tsum game. After watching some tsum tsum videos on YouTube, I found that the Tsum Tsums make a squeaking noise when they move. Would someone be able to create a sound file with a squeaking noise for the game? It's probably possible to just go to a website like, and keep clicking on the sound buttons on the left until it creates something close and see if it can generate the necessary squeak noise and then save it out.

can do! I will look into this can I get your email address? :) 

I think I have a sound for you :) 


Awesome! Just send it to me at "anything AT" where anything can be anything.