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A top-down rogue-like shooter
Submitted by Starforge Games — 5 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Cool game  great atmosphere and love the music and the game play was exciting especially when running out of power cells.  

when  i did die the music played but nothing happened it just stay on the screen. i had to hit escape to restart the game  i think you need need something to prompt the user  rather than the user having to seek out how to restart. 

Also when did restart it started from the level i died at  with just 1 crystal that made it impossible to proceed.

Apart from that very good game   I will add to my collection.


Pretty cool game, Starforge! :) I really liked the lighting! It made every environment give off some form of "life". It was pretty cool to see each power-up, but I felt some weapons were better than others. Because of this, I felt I was sometimes punished for picking up a random weapon that I was excited to see, only to have lost my other more powerful weapon. But overall, it was a fun experience!


I will pass the praise to our artist that did the lighting, I think he will be pretty happy to hear about it. :)

You are right, the weapon pickup system right now feels punishing and it shouldn't be. We will implement something link dropping the old weapon when you pick up a new one to give players the choice to go back to the old weapon. Happy to hear you had fun nevertheless. Keep on gaming! :)


The mac build of the game is very laggy(I have tried another UE4 game with about the same file size to make sure it's not my systems fault), so I couldn't enjoy the game properly. I did notice that the visuals and audio were amazing.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah I think we went a little bit over the top with the dynamic lighting. Since we have randomly generated levels we couldn't really use light baking (at least I don't know how), but we need to properly profile these performance issues. I didn't really notice because I have a pretty new machine.

Thanks for taking the time to try it and comment anyway!


Same here, I couldn't even play it, frame rate was super slow (admittedly I  have a 2012 Macbook pro). What a shame, from what I can tell the graphics and atmosphere looked really good!


Good news everyone, I just uploaded the lastest build for Mac with substantial performance improvements. Kindly try again please :)


I really enjoyed your game! It ended up being quite easy, but I can understand that balancing that might be really hard. I preferred the double colts, the other guns weren't as good and it was harder when I didn't have them. Once I died, it was harder to get back up with the energy cells. 

Restarting from the same level is probably good for most players, since then you don't have to grind the easier ones again, but if you add a hard mode just push the player back to the bottom and start as a "new" robot, it would be even cool if your old body would be found on the level you died, this way while you climb back up to the roof, you would see all the unfortunate bastards who didn't make it :D 


Hi Jonnboy91,

thank you for the feedback! The balance definitely is very rough. I increased the difficulty with v1.0.2, hopefully it's more of a challenge now. The difficulty right now is pretty heavily affected by the random level generator and we did not have time to implement sophisticated rules to balance that out. So if you go lucky with a strong weapon at the beginning it might be super easy, but I also had runs where almost all enemies were spawned around the level exit as well as the weapons, that was really tough, haha!

Finding your old bodies really sounds like a cool idea! I also like the idea of having varying difficulties defined by where you restart. :)


Was an enjoyable game, maybe a little easy? My only other suggestion would be about the weapons, a few times I picked up a new one and then immediately wished I could have gone back to what I had before


Yeah, the balance is very rough. Some early feedback we had was that it's too hard, guess we went over board with making it easier ^^'

Thanks for the suggestion with the weapons, makes sense.


no problem at all. Was a really nice game, certainly has potential!


Nice feel lots of polish, well done


We put a lot of effort into it so that's nice to hear :)


Wow really polished game. Enjoyable just to wander around collecting sparkles. I loved getting a new weapon and blasting away. Great audio on death and in general. Good job :)


Thank you a lot! ;)


wicked game bro:0


wicked game bro:0


Thanks, glad you like it! :)


Good job! I enjoyed the experience overall :) 
Things I liked: 
The intro was my favourite part to be honest, was a really nice introduction.
Also the boss's appearance was great. I enjoyed the way you get life and concept of weapon changes.
The sequence of traversing a building had good flow (although at first I was confused by being on floor -3)
The main menu had a nice style too. 

Things I didn't like:
The audio was a bit too much for me, especially with the one gun that spams bullets it's just really loud constant firing. 
The boss fight was too easy with all the life pickups and cover. 

1.I had a bug where I was shooting when I died, and it didnt stop the shooting sound.
2.It also didnt seem to take me back out or do anything when I died.
3.Pressing esc and starting again respawns you onto the same level you were on last. So when I died, I spawned back where I died. I say it's a bug because I was expecting start to restart from the bottom (not sure which behaviour is intentional).


Thank you very much for the extensive feedback!

Sorry you experienced so many bugs, we will definitely look into those and take your other feedback into consideration as well. Some things definitely need more polish, like the balance, the in-game menu and the sounds.


You're welcome! And don't be sorry! It's all part of the experience (I've had feedback of bugs in my own game that I didn't even know were possible haha)

Was a great achievement, you should be proud of what you produced! ^.^


Nice game! I enjoyed playing it!

Two things to note:

- The levels in the mines seem to be very laggy for some reason

- I found a bug where you have two weapons at once by picking up a gun whilst firing the first one

Aside from this though good job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the feedback. Very glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

I already fixed the weapon pickup bug, we will look into the performance in the mines.

[EDIT] Just uploaded 1.0.1 with the fix for the weapon pickup.