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Review 10/10

Woohoo bobble played my game!!! yipppiiieeee!!!!! ^^

I'm happy to have contributed. It's a cute and challenging game :)

Thank you for playing and for your kind words ^^

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Thank you for the lovely comments. 🥺 I am motivated to finish it someday!

Thank you for playing and for the nice comments. Yep, hehe, unintended behaviour gave her quite the arm =]

Wow O_O Very interesting and visceral "fiction." I agree, fireflies are lovely... and formidable. 

Wow. Great fishing minigame. Was challenging. The environmental implications are quite emotional. Thank you.

Absolutely incredible experience. Gameplay and audio progression are fantastic. Great application of the theme! 

Oddly addicting. Love the main menu screen and the super cute drawings ^^
I really wanted to become a cat, even though I was already a cat. 

Really cool game mechanics. I enjoyed not killing the folks I wanted to try next. I like the green-circle AoE person the best. :)

Thanks so much for your honest feedback. Glad you enjoyed the visuals so much! The art teams did so well!

Thanks for your feedback on the colors :)

Thank you for the nice comments. The 3D art team did an amazing job! We all had so much fun. 

Obrigado pelos seus comentários agradáveis. Nós realmente apreciamos isso. Foi um grande esforço de equipe. (Traduzido com DDG)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The art team did a great job on the player concept. I was very happy to model such a cute concept.

I'm pretty biased, too. This was such a fun experience. I'm so happy I got to work on this awesome game. ^ ^


Oh my goodness! :'3 I love this cute little game. Incredible atmosphere with dialogue, colors, and chosen music. Such mystery...

Very yummy clicker! I like the UI and the Buttons that do nothing.

Pop! ^^

Wow! What a cute game. The last level was very challenging! Love the art!

Super cute Bobble :)

I'm honored to have helped show this game to the public.
Bardia should be very proud of this game ^^

Make important decisions, we only have so much time. Choose who lives and dies. Sacrifice the old, choose the young, manage precious resources (space and time). I felt like a true farmer.

  • What a great strategy game. I enjoy that careful decision has a lasting effect on the outcome. I appreciate the tips each round, I like learning along the way. 
  • I love the music; the drums feel primal, dire, and it evolves to something emotional and emulates how short and precious life is. I especially like when the nice music comes in, and the pretty sunrays and grass/plucky fx.

Incredible game, you two. 

Some comments:

  • I cannot unfeed people. I guess that's life :)
  • Would be cool to know the statistics of the person after feeding (on mouseover with goba or something), but life doesn't really give us hints either :)


Who knew that one could make friends with so many combinations of organs. 

I really like how this game invokes the creativity of its users.

😅 What an incredible find! Really relaxes the gameplay quite a lot lol

Thank you for playing 🙏

You're welcome Yääään!!

The game loop felt very complete ^^

Sleep and therapy are very important.
The ticking on the start screen was a nice touch. 

Thoughtful music, and thoughtful message.

I made to level 5. I really enjoyed this game because it encourages fast risk/reward decision-making. Great concept!

Really cute. The light FX were great. I really liked the detail put into the hearts, and that they turned into mechanical hearts. Pixel resolution of shooty object is quite noticeable. 

I love the pathos of the dialogue, especially the bit about finding a place to rest... this really got me.

Interesting puzzle using a vacuum. Cute concept. The grass should be very clean now!

Interesting puzzle using a vacuum. Cute concept. The grass should be very clean now!

I love the concept of painting with [the help of] sheep! Really cute! 

Greetings :)

Thank you for your kind words! Stay tuned ;)

Apologies for not being clearer. You thanked for playing, I wanted to return the statement with emphasis, hence the "No." The important part is that you moved me.

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No. Thank YOU for making this <3
Goosebumps and near tears. I just wanted to keep playing/listening.

5/5 Everything. 

Cute concept, Joshiii! It's your typical resource gathering/crafting game with a twist!