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I'm honored to have helped show this game to the public.
Bardia should be very proud of this game ^^

Make important decisions, we only have so much time. Choose who lives and dies. Sacrifice the old, choose the young, manage precious resources (space and time). I felt like a true farmer.

  • What a great strategy game. I enjoy that careful decision has a lasting effect on the outcome. I appreciate the tips each round, I like learning along the way. 
  • I love the music; the drums feel primal, dire, and it evolves to something emotional and emulates how short and precious life is. I especially like when the nice music comes in, and the pretty sunrays and grass/plucky fx.

Incredible game, you two. 

Some comments:

  • I cannot unfeed people. I guess that's life :)
  • Would be cool to know the statistics of the person after feeding (on mouseover with goba or something), but life doesn't really give us hints either :)


Who knew that one could make friends with so many combinations of organs. 

I really like how this game invokes the creativity of its users.

😅 What an incredible find! Really relaxes the gameplay quite a lot lol

Thank you for playing 🙏

You're welcome Yääään!!

The game loop felt very complete ^^

Sleep and therapy are very important.
The ticking on the start screen was a nice touch. 

Thoughtful music, and thoughtful message.

I made to level 5. I really enjoyed this game because it encourages fast risk/reward decision-making. Great concept!

Really cute. The light FX were great. I really liked the detail put into the hearts, and that they turned into mechanical hearts. Pixel resolution of shooty object is quite noticeable. 

I love the pathos of the dialogue, especially the bit about finding a place to rest... this really got me.

Interesting puzzle using a vacuum. Cute concept. The grass should be very clean now!

Interesting puzzle using a vacuum. Cute concept. The grass should be very clean now!

I love the concept of painting with [the help of] sheep! Really cute! 

Greetings :)

Thank you for your kind words! Stay tuned ;)

Apologies for not being clearer. You thanked for playing, I wanted to return the statement with emphasis, hence the "No." The important part is that you moved me.

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No. Thank YOU for making this <3
Goosebumps and near tears. I just wanted to keep playing/listening.

5/5 Everything. 

Cute concept, Joshiii! It's your typical resource gathering/crafting game with a twist!

Cute game! What a cute and sneaky cat, I was bad at guessing.

Wow amazing job with this unique puzzle game. Looks and plays great! Music is sweet and so are the all the cute piggies!! You are all so talented.

Cute rolly die! :D

Really cute & addicting game! Must... be... king...! XD 

I love the graph paper/architectural blueprint-style visuals!
I thought you did really well with visual communication (darker-lined collision objects).
The increased movement speed along the road tiles was a nice touch.

BTW Green potion + road is wheee!!! ^^

Super cute game with super cute duckies!!
Not just your average regular old bush. <3

Aw, thank you! I appreciate you allowing me to showcase your adorable art. :)

hehe, thanks for being a part of this! :)

I'm glad you had fun. Thank you for participating! Indeed, Yän made some really cool music :)

Aw, so sweet and heartfelt. I wish many balloons for you.

Cute game! The art style is so bright and colorful! I love the helicopter model. Your choice of music really sets the mood for a fun little adventure. 

Hey MarcusFromOz,

Thank you for the comment! With the most recent update, some major lighting issues were resolved. I also increased the number of particles produced for the falling leaves effect that is used to indicate where the apples are falling.

Hopefully those apples are more noticeable now :)

Thank you for playing!


Delightfully frustrating adventure. I'm a VVVVVV fan and I was feeling very nostalgic! I really like that you can change directions in mid-air. This made for interesting sequences of jump antics to get through some of the more difficult screens. Props on the pixel art. I was very impressed the game worked so well with such a tiny resolution and in full screen mode. Good job! 

I'm sorry the sprinting wasn't obviously explained! If you feel like trying again, you just have to hold down Shift while moving and the character will speed up. Thank you for pointing out the issue about the camera, too. 

I'm glad you enjoyed what you experienced! Thank you for the comment about the amount of content! We really scrambled and tried our best because we joined the jam late.  Thank you for playing!

I'm sorry the sprinting mechanic affected your experience so negatively. The sprinting requires a little ramp up while holding the Shift button in order to be able to knock into the tree. I could be more clear about this feature in the future. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your comments about the music, art, and theme. I will definitely improve on the scene lighting in my next pass, I'm sorry it made things difficult for you. Indeed, changing the camera angle makes things easier. In the future, I will make sure that is indicated as a gameplay tip. Thank you for playing and taking the time to comment!

Nice gravity-switch mechanics. I enjoy the story-driven feel of the dialogue. I find myself very intrigued about the world and its oddities. The switch mechanic feels smooth when switching in midair, and the additional air-control movement is nice quality of life for a platformer. Also, that character animation is really cute! Good job :)

Great game! Maintaining balance between the planet and moon size is an interesting experience. I totally felt like that moon was such a mass hog until I got used to things XD The audio was nice and casual. Nice job for joining late!

Very cool gravity sim! I didn't make it to the end (I made it about halfway!) I like the golf theme and the color palette chosen. I really enjoyed that I could drag and drop the gravity wells and set up the level to my liking. The level and Tutorial aesthetics are nice! Great jam submission!

This was really fun! Made it all the way though. I liked the jump & air control mechanics - perfect for a 3D platformer - and the level design was intricate. It was a very interesting playing; I felt like I was playing first-person VVVVVV but with giant red paddles of death! Good job!

This was a neat experience! The character animations & particle FX are really cute, the music was very pleasing, and I love the skybox! Great job :) 

Thank you so much for all the nice comments on my little game! Haha, no worries, the feedback is always appreciated, nonetheless!