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Ahaha, I see, that explains why it did not feel any different of course, Thought it was me getting old :D

Have to agree with the others, great art style, smooth animations. Too bad that there is no sound, I can really see it with the instrumental/symphonic rock you mentioned... but it's hard to find someone that does sound, we're lucky we had one with some spare time.

What I really missed with the controls was to walk back and swing the sword in the other direction to kite enemies. I instintively wanted to do that against the sword skeletons every time :D

Really like the game concept, it definitely has potential!

Lovely art style, solid controls, nice level design. I like it!

Some things to improve IMHO:

- Projectiles block each other. It's a game design choice but I don't like it since it makes hitting enemies really hard sometimes.
- The death sound is a bit too loud for me
- The heart icons are too subtle, I didn't notice them until my 3rd death when I was actively searching for my health

Fun little game, nice visuals and loved the music. The controls are solid, which is important for a game relying on dexterity!

Good news everyone, I just uploaded the lastest build for Mac with substantial performance improvements. Kindly try again please :)

I will pass the praise to our artist that did the lighting, I think he will be pretty happy to hear about it. :)

You are right, the weapon pickup system right now feels punishing and it shouldn't be. We will implement something link dropping the old weapon when you pick up a new one to give players the choice to go back to the old weapon. Happy to hear you had fun nevertheless. Keep on gaming! :)

Hi Jonnboy91,

thank you for the feedback! The balance definitely is very rough. I increased the difficulty with v1.0.2, hopefully it's more of a challenge now. The difficulty right now is pretty heavily affected by the random level generator and we did not have time to implement sophisticated rules to balance that out. So if you go lucky with a strong weapon at the beginning it might be super easy, but I also had runs where almost all enemies were spawned around the level exit as well as the weapons, that was really tough, haha!

Finding your old bodies really sounds like a cool idea! I also like the idea of having varying difficulties defined by where you restart. :)

Wow, nicely done! I found the difficulty to be really challenging though, even on Easy the delayed spring trap was REALLY fast. You should tune that a bit for people that do not have lightning fast reflexes.

Apart from that, most polished experience I saw so far in the game game, count me impressed!

I see, then I did the right thing but it simply wasn't working becasue of the bug. It worked now in the new version however and the game is quite sophisticated, only lacking some polish. I'm very impressed!

One thing that's a bit strange though, I got the same scanner message for all the items I put on there, something about Ancient History and that the item is 30 million years old, even the magazine from the rack.... I guess it's not supposed to be like that? :D

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Yeah I think we went a little bit over the top with the dynamic lighting. Since we have randomly generated levels we couldn't really use light baking (at least I don't know how), but we need to properly profile these performance issues. I didn't really notice because I have a pretty new machine.

Thanks for taking the time to try it and comment anyway!

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We had the same idea with having a gun that allows you to let stuff grow or age, so I really like that. The puzzles seem well thought out, Some things to improve:

  • I just did not get that you're supposed to jump on the spikey trees and then let them grow at first. Making the trees look more inviting to jump on (less spikey) would help. 
  • Also I did not get the grab leaves thing
  • The ramp was really dark, on my monitor I didn't even get that it's a ramp at first, though it was a black wall

Nice game, great visuals. I couldn't figure out, though, where the heck this "pad" is the protagonist was talking about. Pretty sure I found the key card at the desk. Some sort of visual highlight of the pad would really help. Would love to see more of your game!

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Nice game, solidly done. It's pretty tough though. Really liked the music. :)

Maybe you could give a bit more ammunition at the beginning for the attraction gun to make the first levels a bit easier.

Yeah, the balance is very rough. Some early feedback we had was that it's too hard, guess we went over board with making it easier ^^'

Thanks for the suggestion with the weapons, makes sense.

We put a lot of effort into it so that's nice to hear :)

Thank you a lot! ;)

Thanks, glad you like it! :)

Thank you very much for the extensive feedback!

Sorry you experienced so many bugs, we will definitely look into those and take your other feedback into consideration as well. Some things definitely need more polish, like the balance, the in-game menu and the sounds.


I found the controls to feel kind of unresponsive/have a delay of half a second, which made it really hard to control the ball especially on the planks. But I like the general idea with the obstacles and the blocks with different abilities. Definitely has potential, but the controls are the most important thing in such a game IMHO.

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Thank you for the feedback. Very glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

I already fixed the weapon pickup bug, we will look into the performance in the mines.

[EDIT] Just uploaded 1.0.1 with the fix for the weapon pickup.

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Nice game, but I couldn't pass through a light that was blocking the path (see screenshot) So I did not make it very far. I also kept getting stuck on the walls since they look a lot like the floor. Some contrast there would help.

Rest of the game was solid though, good job! :)