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Congratulations on winning the Jam, i must admin this is my Favourite game   it is well implemented  and additive. i keep finding myself playing .

Cool little game my only comment is starting at the begging when you die was a bit frustrating ., you need tom give the play  lives  so they stand a change of proceeding. love the look and feel  well done.

Cool game fitting for the  theme  ,  love the aesthetic and the music fits well . Well done

Yes i did not escape, :-( yes i think the previous comments cover  what i had to say fun game . well done

What a funny game , Love the look and feel  could do with some instructions  , and definitely needs some animation on the human and ferret  that would make it so much better . lovely looking game  well done

Liked your game  well polished and great feedback when you kill stuff , well done

Cool game  great use of the mechanic and theme time . It was a little to hard and found the  key a little tricky to use but  well done  

Good looking game think  previous comment cover my feedback

Wow fast   paced  bullet hell, great feedback  when destroying enemy and great visual style loved it. well done

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Simple fast game  music give it energy and nice menu , well done. 

Can seem to run your game 

Hi Loved the look of you game , and the mechanic  was  clever. only comment was you could do with a sound to say you have  activated the recalle Rob. well done

Hi Loved the look of you game , and the mechanic  was  clever. only comment was you could do with a sound to say you have  activated the recalle Rob. well done

Hi Fun game i think you might be better putting the cell number on the red cell   rather than at the top  saves keep looking to the top of the screen.Need some sound and music . Also its well worth putting a screen shot up it makes a bit difference in  drawing people in. I think wit h a bit of polish you could have a good game

Its a shame i cannot play your game . i have rated based on the video  as you but a lot of work into it . And by the fact you submitted a game is a accomplishments in its self. Great dance moved :-D

Hi Good look, Simple game based on the theme .  well done

Enjoyed playing your game the . Lovely are style. the hit animation was probably a bit loud . but well done

Lovely looking  game  and the music added urgency to the feel.  but dam its hard, i think you need feedback to let the play know they are inflicting damage you cannot tell. But well done  

Something different very hard . you need some instructions and music  . but well done.  

What a lovely game fanatic artwork and  great puzzler another little gem. Your story similar to mine  professor builds time machine and then have to get to time crystals but  and you end up meeting your past selves. but our game play mechanic s are very different. ill be adding this to my collection.

Fantastic Job

Fun Game ,   Lovely graphics. think you could make the jumps a little less unforgiving   you have to time it perfectly else ahhhh -)  Keep developing it.

Cute  game , i think make it go faster over time  good work

Fun game , 

struggled with the up down  think must be a personnel preference  with the  mouse may be add an in inverse option.

Well done

Fun idea  lol 

Fun to drive around like the hand break and shooting , but need music and some sound FX  well done.

Wow Love your game   well polished  . Ill be adding to my collection.

Nice game  the crouch felt a bit strange to use   just having it crouch when you push down rather than a toggle might feel more natural. Loved the graphics could do with some fx and music. Keep on with it :-) 

Fun Game really enjoyed playing it once i worked out  what to do. Liked the art style well done

Hi , Good concept

Pretty much whats been said already

Nice game the punch animation could do with a bit of work but enjoyed playing and the visual looked nice . keep up the good work. 

Like the level design . the character seemed to be floating  just above the ground. need a bit of feedback when you hot the zombies.  Keep up the good work .

Like the idea of you game i think previous comment have captured  most of the feed back, Keep working at it , Well done.

Fun game loved  the intro and graphics. found when i died shooting back to the start a little  jarring   but a fun game well done.

Hi  Like the idea,  It felt a little  bit to hard . but fun game, well done.

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Hi Cool game mechanic  , you need a little work on the jumping and getting stuck on  the side, the text was hard to read on the instructions. you could have quite a cool  game  with a bit of work keep at it.

PS put  a few screenshot  s on  the page help draw people in to play your game.

Nice little space shooter ,   most comment are covered the other  comment below but well done.

You need to make  and executable available  not every one will want to  compile from source. 

Hi  liked you game  the mood was very atmospheric  and the music added to this.  I never had to use the rewind and did not see the monster . i only just made it  with 2 second to spare.  Fun game to play . Well done.  

I think the previous comment  cover  what i have to say  my main comment would be some instructions  just to explain what the goad is. 

Well done for getting something submitted 

Well polished game loved the game mechanic very addictive, only  comment   could do with a bit of tweaking to the difficulty    progression, little bit too hard    early on in the game . Loved the music     added energy  to the game, ill be adding to my collection . well done