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Entry for the GameDev.js 2020 jam, made with Pixelbox.js.
Submitted by Cantarim Studios (@CantarimStudios) — 4 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I tried the other day and wasn't able to play in Chrome. I just tried now in Firefox and was able to play but I couldn't find anything to do past jump around in the initial room. The movement and jumping feels a bit too fast in relation to how small the first level is.

The atmosphere with the graphics and sound is all there for sure, so you've got a solid base to build off of.


Unfortunately it is not finished but it is a very nice starting point. I really like your graphics and the sound, they work very good together.

I also tried my (old) gamepad, but unfortunately it didn't work. Might be that my gamepad (Logitech Precision) is too old.


Thanks, glad to hear it! Still trying to improve my 1bit pixel art and chiptune skills.

About joystick support, that’s a little bit tricky. I haven’t looked under Pixelbox.js hood that much, so I can’t really tell much about it. I know that 360 and Xone controllers will work perfectly.


I can start the game.


You were able to start?

If not, try to refresh the page, or try to use a chromium based browser. That’s what I’ve used to play.



Awesome graphics!


Thank you!

First time doing a 1bit style title, it’s harder than it looks. D:


Cool graphics and sound,  wish you finished it



Same here, I’m thinking about continuing the development a few weeks after the jam, hopefully!


Nice prototype and it is cool you have found a tool you enjoy



Wish I could’ve used Phaser here, but I decided against due it would be a little complicated for the level design part with it. I’ve gave CT.js and Cocos Creator a try for this game, before I decide to go with Pixelbox.js. CT.js and Cocos Creator are in dire need of better docs and examples.


Maan, I'm so sorry that you couldn't finish the game. It could have been so much fun. It looks amazing and as a Megaman clone, it definitely fits the theme. There are some pretty good chiptunes out there, I'm sure with some more time you could find some that better fits your game.


Thanks you!

Yeah, I gotta practice some more with trackers, I’m still fumbling around with them. I had some good Megaman style tunes in my head, but it’s so hard to translate the ideas in the software.

Developer (1 edit)

This week has been a chaos here!

I started messing around with some art right after LD46, but sadly, the main work on Hyperman’s development begun only 2 days after the deadline.

This prototype was built with Pixelbox.js, I highly recommend for those who enjoy a pico-8 like workflow. The sfx and songs were built with Pixelbox.js’s internal tools, and the artwork was done in Aseprite.

I’ll try to add shooting until we reach the deadline, and maybe one enemy, if there’s time.

Oh, how does it fit the theme? It’s in the year 20xx and… Check the project page and give the story a read. That would be in the initial cutscenes, if I still had time.

Thanks for checking Hyperman!