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Arcade top-down shooter. Revive your previous self to have them join the fight.
Submitted by yousayrandy — 7 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme#63.5833.583
Commercial Viability#132.9172.917
Game Design#172.7502.750
Technical Accomplishment#192.7502.750
Original Audio#252.0832.083
User Interface#272.1672.167
2D Art#281.8331.833
Use of Audio#282.4172.417
Itch Page#321.5001.500
3D Art#361.0831.083
Level Design#381.7501.750
Art Direction#381.5831.583

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really neat concept!


Thank you!


This is fun for sure and has a lot of potential but definitely can veer into a little frustrating at the moment. TheSoulSelector's feedback on an incoming enemy would be great as a way to avoid those "I was killed on the edge of the screen" occurrences.

Otherwise I think slowing down the speed and introducing that as a way to introduce difficulty incrementally would be great. As well as adding obstacles to the level for some variety/added strategy in traversing around enemies.

I also liked the little delay when reviving another life, the angles that would come up from resulting fire added a nice effect. Although it was a bummer when you'd struggle to maneuver reviving someone and they'd get taken out immediately. I think slowing down the movement would resolve that though. Good work!


Yes, this was definitely a better "concept" than "execution." I was really intrigued by the idea of initiating a revive, maneuvering to get a weird angle, and have a spray of bullets going in customizable directions. The game doesn't encourage that at all in its current form, unfortunately. I think slowing down the pace would definitely help that, and I agree about the offscreen indicator for enemies.

Originally, this game was much slower, and there was actually friendly fire. I wanted a more strategic game than what it ended up being, but that required a lot more work, as enemy variety and obstacles would play a much larger role. I'm not yet a capable enough developer to add those things in a timely manner on my own, so I had to radically shift the direction to a more breakneck pace. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, but I'm glad the seeds of my concept are coming across to the people that play it.

If nothing else, this has given me a lot of ideas of how I can expand or pivot with the revive/controlling multiple units concept, and the feedback I've gotten from comments like yours will be a big help if I ever return to it. I very much appreciate the time you took to play and comment!


Nice idea, great game! Especially liked the gameplay and sound effects. However the UI and graphics could use some improvement.

If you don't mind, could you rate my game?


Very interesting and potentially fun idea for a twin stick shooter; I like how the delay between reviving a soldier and them getting back up changes their position when they start moving in tandem again. That could impose some interesting considerations on player movement and positioning for gunfire.

Game speed however is definitely too fast and the overly snappy limited 8-way movement means failure occurs all too often. It's also annoying how sometimes I don't start with a single battery to use on my downed comrades and I need to be immediately over them to apply a charge which is difficult to do in the heat of the moment. Sometimes I forget that I don't have any batteries because the indicator is all the way at the bottom of the screen and other times, pressing the space bar just doesn't work as I'm running all over the place.


I did enjoy this game although it was very punishing. It was satisfying to get more than one dude in the mix. I think an off screen warning for incoming enemies would have helped. I got killed often as I was evading and one popped up and touched me. It has potential though and i'd play an update for sure. Good job.


I found the idea really interesting, but the gameplay doesn't make it shine. Just with 2 characters the game is already easy and I found it more fun to die until reaches a large number of characters to use.

Obviously you made it alone and in one week, and I think that what you did is already fantastic. Probably with a bit of balancing it will be a lot better


Thank you much. I definitely struggled with a lot of this. Getting the game running took the overwhelming majority of the time, that by the time I got to tweaking it, I wasn't able to spend enough time on it getting the balance right. If you can believe it, this is actually an improvement, because before it was so impossibly hard that reviving wasn't even an option.

We have a few days to make tweaks. I might be able to get back to it and play around with some settings and see how they sit. I'll reply to this comment if I publish an update, and you can check it out if you're interested.

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback!


Yeah, make me know if there are updates.

I can't even imagine how hard is to make it works, I always use engines like unity or unreal, so the game is already working, I have only to make the gameplay. But I found the idea really brilliant. I saw something similar used in platform games, but never in a shooter, and it really surprised me. 


Thanks for the kind words!

To be clear, I did use Unity, but all of the scripts were coded by me from scratch. I'm a pretty novice programmer, so I had a lot of hang-ups that slowed me down. I'm using game jams to try to get better at it.


Ah ok, I thought you didn't use Unity because it wasn't written on the itch page xD

Anyway, my thinking hasn't changed. We are all here to get better and show what we can do


I tweaked the difficulty a little bit and fixed a couple bugs if you'd like to try it again. It's still not perfect, but that's all the time I have to dedicate to it. I'll just have to wrap it up and move on!

Thank you for the feedback either way.


I tried it, now it's really more difficult, maybe too much xD

Anyway nice job