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Glutton for PunishmentView game page

A game made for GitHub Game Jam 2022 with the theme of 'Cliché'
Submitted by LeHaine (@_lehaine) — 3 days, 20 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#793.6923.692

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice job on winning 1st place for graphics and 7th for gameplay. It was a fun, and super cute game. Love the 8bit graphics and the 8 bit graphics icon for the game. Controls were a little difficult at times, like I'd press left, but still be hitting right (could just be my dodgy playing). But it was really fun, and managed to get a couple of levels in. We played it for the GitHub Game Off live stream:


I absolutely love this


The look and feel was great!  Consistent style and easy to get into the game play.  I started playing games when the all had this kind of style.  Nice job!


The pixel art looks fantastic! The game is really polished and fun to play. 

My frame-rate did take a dive around 5 mins when  I had a huge spike in number of enemies, and then the game crashed.  It was fun til then!


The game crashed on me the first time I tried to use the Q skill on a full screen of enemies :(

Other than that, it's great! Absolutely love the art style, great animations, the gameplay is fun and gets completely ridiculous when you stack some extra projectiles and repeat attacks, and it's so much fun!


Damn this looks so polished, so many little details, the animation is just BEAUTIFUL. Very consistent mechanics, attacking feels nice. Nailed it!


Thank you for adding a download with java packaged. I couldn't play prior and was beginning to think your "Glutton for Punishment" title was meant to describe actually getting the game to run. 

Your art style and player power fantasy really shine in this game. Once you finally get your upgrades rolling, it feels really good to churn through waves of enemies. Even with a limited palette, you used color well to keep the gameplay pretty readable despite everything happening. That's an achievement in and of itself. Well done :)

Getting to that player fantasy was sort of a pain though. The quota escalations felt too far and the powers felt either way too risky or way too strong. For example, any power that granted +souls and plus spawn rate was mostly a double good instead of a good/bad choice, especially if your damage was good. It felt the only way to die was to have mob speed too high that they can get to you before you can attack. 

But my biggest issue is the controls. Why can you not move while attacking? That feels really bad, especially when you start getting extra attacks and you're not allowed to move until the full animation stops. This made "optimal" gameplay just to stand still as moving would open you up to attacks. You gained slightly fewer souls, but still would get some. Not being to move and attack leads the player to never move unless there's zero risk of being hit. The game felt leagues better after getting the dash. But locking features that make the game play better behind unlocks or progression just doesn't work. If you're game isn't fun or is frustrating from the start, you'll lose a lot of players before they get to the good parts. 

Despite the above gripes, I still really enjoyed mowing through waves of enemies with a big ol windmill of scythes. I think I got a bug after the final skill unlock that caused the game to crash. I used it while attacking and the game force quit (maybe I hit shift+q?) and I lost all progress. Bummer!

Congrats on finishing your game. Keep making games!


When launching it from command line have to make sure the current directory is the folder.
Was pretty fun reminds me a lot of vampire survivors - have to say through I prefer not having to manually activate all of the abilities. The art is great!


The game won't start. Maybe I need to install something else? Java 11 sdk or something like this for example? If so, it would be nice to indicate this moment on the game page.


Hey! Yes you need Java 11+ to play. It is indicated on the download but I’ll update the game page to mention that too.


On the oracle website, in order to download the 11th version of Java, you need to be registered there, which is not very convenient, by the way. If you also attach a link to the installer somewhere in the description, at least, that would be great. It's just really frustrating that it looks interesting on the gifs, but you have to go through a very uncomfortable way for just launching the game.


I added two new downloads that now have the Java runtime bundled with it. If you download either the new windows or linux options and unzip you can just run the executable and it will use the bundled runtime automatically.


Here we gooooo! That's what I expected! Game looks good and plays as legit Vampire Survivors. Given the fact that the game is not made in Unity, but in general in Java, this amazes me, dude.


The gifs look so good, but I couldn't play it. I'm on linux, how do I play it?

Developer (2 edits)

Hey! Not sure what flavor of Linux you are on but if the JAR doesn’t execute automatically by clicking it you can open up a bash (or any) terminal and type :

java -jar game.jar