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Probably the most lit game in this Jam!!

A topic by Bastian Top created Dec 12, 2020 Views: 115 Replies: 3
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So I checked out 6 more games and found this Gem! You should all check out "Young Moon"!!! You will be hooked within seconds, the music, art and polish are great!

The other games were also good though haha, please check them out below!

00:00 Game Off 2020 Submission Review#7
00:15 Lunar Rider (
13:30 Glass Tombs (
30:47 Planetary Golf (
37:35 Young Moon (   <---- This one needs more ratings!!!
47:35 Gun Vs Magic (
59:20 Golfly (

Let me know what you think!!



Just checked the game. Everyone, believe him, the game is really good.


My most lit so far in this Jam is this game:


Ah that is a good pick indeed!