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JAR does not run in browser

A topic by Fenwicked created Nov 29, 2018 Views: 139 Replies: 3
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Looking for some advice here. My game is completed. Made it in Java using Libgdx and built with Gradle. I can run the JAR file just fine on my desktop, so I know that's working. But when I upload it here and set the main class name to my DesktopLauncher, nothing plays in the browser. Anyone else have this issue, or have some helpful hints at what I might be doing wrong? Thanks

Game page is


Is this a JAR Applet? I believe Chrome deprecated the NPAPI, so to my knowledge JAR Applets are no longer supported. I'm not proficient in Libgdx, but it should also be possible to build your game as HTML5 distributable.


Check out the documentation around deploying a LibGDX application here:

I would recommend either creating a distribution(s) that can run on the desktop and having people download it OR target HTML5 and deploy as a web app.


It is an executable JAR file. I have tried building as an HTML5 project, but all the UI elements are scaled wrong and the framerate is terrible. I don't think I have time at this point to troubleshoot all of the bugs with the HTML5 build. I was hoping to have it be playable in browser, as it seems like more people would try it that way but it looks like I'll have to settle for a downloadable instead. Thank you both for the suggestions.