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Submitted by sunoru (@sunoru_sidw), Chiaki (@sansan568906) — 1 hour, 9 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#192.6472.900
Theme Relevance#381.9172.100

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members (Discord Usersnames)
Sunoru (スノル#9499) and ChiaKi (散散#1621)

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Neat platformer! I included it in my GameDevNetwork: Gooseberry Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Well, I couldn't get past Stage 2. What do you have to do to get past the first door?


Hmmm.. The buttons can be pressed by something other than birds.


It was quite fun when you win the other player, but there is still lots of polish required to make the rest of the game fun.

First off, I think that the explosions need some work and the eggs should be more noticeable, because it took me a while to notice what kept killing me when I was trying out the controls. I can't remember what I did wrong, but at first I actually thought that shift was for a ghost mode (and I also thought it was called LAYAN. Yeah, I felt really stupid when I learnt that the "O" in LAY AN "O" meant egg and wasn't some kind of an emoticon :D ). 

Secondly, the collisions need more work, because it was REALLY frustrating to get stuck (especially inside the spinning cross). The sliding of the characters is also frustrating because it makes it difficult to do movements that require precision (and precision is needed in many places because of the unforgiving collisions).

Also, the functions of the colored buttons are not always clear, and sometimes it takes too much time to figure out what each button does and if they are important (and in this game time is of the essence).

However, it's not all that bad. The concept is fine and the art and animations are quite charming. I also liked how the respawning mechanism was done, and the (creatively implemented) eggs could become a source of lots of fun after a bit more polish.


Thank you very much for having taken your time to play and write comments! In fact, at first we have intended to make this game harder than it looks. However after so many comments that describe the motion in the game as frustrating and annoying, it seems really needed to polish it. The first stage had been designed to let players get more familiar with the actions, while the third stage is forcing players to know that eggs are able to throw. We are also thinking of ways to make the buttons more clear and balance the time and traps.


No problem! It would be fun to see the polished version!


Very cute graphics and animations are cool, couldn't get through the water though? Platforming needs a little bit of work as you get stuck on ledges.


Thanks! There are ways to get through the water actually. We are also aware of getting stuck on ledges, which are intended, but after the comments that describe it frustrating and annoying, we are considering fixing that.

Small chick seems to jump just a bit higher. For example it can jump on the boxes on the first level while the big chick can't.


Thanks for comments! Actually it's just an illusion because they are all the same. Jumping on the boxed on the first level is a case with a small probability (which is intended).

Maybe they have different colliders? I wasn't able to jump on the boxes with the big chick even once


No, they have completely same colliders. It's true that it's harder to control the big one, but it's just because of illusion.


Great artwork, very charming. I really like how death/dying is handled too! 




Very good game! Took me quite a while to figure out how to pass the water fall on the third level.


Cute artwork! Creative use of laying eggs as a mechanic. It took me a while to figure out that I had to blow up those blocks on the first level, rather than try to jump over them.


Thank you very much! You're right and we are still trying to improve the instructions on the first stage.