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Hey, I saw that,  really cool! thanks for swinging by and giving the game a try.

The art here looks crazy good and I love the premise, I'm going to try and play this as soon as I can

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It's on hold for the time being, I began development on it as a pretty small project but I sort of quickly found that I wanted to do much more with it. I am putting out an anthology (probably 3 or 4 games) and this game might be one of those 3 or 4, so potentially I could start working on it again, but I have some other projects ahead of it.

yeah, not sure you didn't already get the answer in the discord, but just in case, it is MS Gothic

Hi, so iirc the beginning is a cutscene where you hit 'E' to go through the dialogue. Let me know if you managed to get past that part.

Thank you for playing! I'm very happy you liked it.

I might fix some bugs as they come up, but yes, this is pretty much the full game!

Thanks so much for playing! : D

hope you see this I put out a version with fullscreen!

hi so I just put out a version with fullscreen, sorry it took so long, hope you are able to play it now

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

It is a rather small window yes. Also when I made the game I didn't want to make a fullscreen version because I thought it would betray the source material (windowed edutainment games).  I don't think it should be illegible though, if it is, or if you're still having this problem, I can try and put up a scaled-up version.

I will! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!! :D 

Wow! The wiki is also very awesome thank you so much for making that!! 

Thanks for playing! You had some great reactions lol. Hope you had fun!

Hi, thanks! Good question. They are a male-presenting person who has breasts, so it definitely could be read that way! That is part of the reason why I had the person covering up, so as to not make anything definitive. Thanks for playing!

That's awesome and disgusting! Thank you!!!

well FYI I'm definitely considering a "Discover Our Bodies" kickstarter right about now :o 

Thank you!

Hi, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to flesh out this game if possible, as it seemed to really strike a chord with folks. As I said below, don't discount me returning to this idea and world. Thanks!

Thanks for playing and thanks for your kind words!

Thank you!

Thanks so much!


Thank you for playing! 

Hi, yeah, the graphics and dimensions for the game as they are do not scale very well when you blow them up, so I did not include a fullscreen mode. With future games I'm going to try to account for this. Sorry! Hope you can still enjoy it. 

Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much and thanks for playing! I'll hopefully have the demo out by the end of the month :D

Thanks! I used Gamemaker Studio 2 to make this. Mostly I learned the engine by googling how to implement things I wanted to do, or game functions I knew I needed, and then I built off of there. The scripting language Gamemaker uses is pretty easy to pick up.  I also used  Friendly Cosmonaut's Dialogue System (, that was a big help in structuring the portions of the game with dialogue and dialogue choices.  

I'm trying

thank you for your kind words and thanks for playing! 

Hi everyone, I'm Yames (he/him) I'm excited to jam on some games with you all! I've been using gamemaker studio 2 for about 1-2 years (I think? maybe less!) but I used Godot before that. I come from a music background, but I recently have been more interested in visual art (I love pixel art! especially 1-bit pixel art!) I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with! Here's my twitter if anyone is interested in lookin at my pixels (!!some of my stuff is kinda scary though!!)  

Good luck everyone!

Hey whelp thanks for your comment and thanks for playing! I'll definitely check out the "T for Tutorial" thing, I swear I had it working before, oh well. And thanks for the follow!

Thank you and thanks for the advice! I'm definitely considering finishing it. 

Thank you! Yeah  I ought to probably make accessing the tutorial more easy, or put the page at the beginning of the game or somesuch. But thank you for playing!

Thanks so much!


Thanks for playing!