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Hey, this was really cool (I know I'm biased but I think its cool in any case!) I love the graphical treatment esp towards the end became very evocative, the focus on numbers and figures as it related to the theme was also very neat and there were a lot of clever moments. Well done!

gonna echo other comments, although i love all your games, this is the game that made me actually start trying to make my own stuff, thanks so much for doing what you do

im red and vibating increably fast

Oh yeah, definitely some of it was converted from images, a lot of the cutscenes were images that were edited and then color indexed so that they were converted into the two colors in the game ( )most image editing software can do this but Aseprite can do it and also apply dithering patterns. then i go over and add details by hand

thanks, but you're going to have to be more specific, the two programs I used the most in making the game are Aseprite and Blender handles its transactions through either Stripe or Paypal and I don't have a Stripe account. You don't need to create an account for paypal in order to purchase tho, if that is your reason. If your reason is that you are bothered by using Paypal for ethical/moral reasons, at this time I don't have any other way I'm selling stuff, but I'm working on finding alternatives

me too!

Thanks! I believe you have the option to pay with a card via paypal, you just have to sign in as a guest

Hi, thanks for letting me know. replying to you just in case you don't see the above reply. two solutions: 

  • download the game through the app (
  • open up a terminal window and type xattr -d and then drag the downloaded .app file onto the terminal window so it will add on the full path to the app. make sure there is a space between the .app path and the command. press enter and then try to open the .app file again. (this article goes into a little more depth and has some screen caps to help

let me know if you still have trouble

thanks for playing!

thanks so much for playing! and I'm so glad you like what i'm doing and your comment about the worldbuilding is one of the nicest/encouraging things I can hear ! :D

its sonnet XI right here

yep F4! will upscale the window first and then switch it to fullscreen. then F4 if you want to go back to 480x270

Oh yeah the font at that size is a little bit hard to read with some of the characters, you can actually hit F5 to change the font into something a bit more legible. thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks so much for playing, also I really appreciate your kind words. and I do have some longer stuff coming down the pipe it'll be ready eventually haha


Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing!

hi, i checked out the download links, the one for windows is called 

Water Womb World (hotfix).zip 134 MB

it should be the third button from the top and the folder should have a file, options.ini file, and waterwombworld.exe

great! thanks for letting me know :D

so I believe I just fixed it for the itch app, if you are on Windows, try downloading again from the app if you like

Hi, are you on mac/windows/linux? And you get this error when you try to download from the itch app? One thing you can try to do is download directly from the game page via a browser, see if that works. But thank you for letting me know, I'll look into this

I only started using MasterPlan like a couple days ago but I love it already. I'm excited to see it become even better tho. Keep up the good work!

Well done! This was calming but also bittersweet in a very powerful way. Great art and music. My favorite puzzle was the one about blowing breath on the bus window, that was very cleverly done.

lolll this rocks thanks for showing me

yep I have the capability now so I shouldn't have any problem doing it for future games 

Great to hear, thanks again!

hey thanks for letting me know, if you're still interested I have put up a version that should work, its named on the download page

Hey, I saw that,  really cool! thanks for swinging by and giving the game a try.

The art here looks crazy good and I love the premise, I'm going to try and play this as soon as I can

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It's on hold for the time being, I began development on it as a pretty small project but I sort of quickly found that I wanted to do much more with it. I am putting out an anthology (probably 3 or 4 games) and this game might be one of those 3 or 4, so potentially I could start working on it again, but I have some other projects ahead of it.

yeah, not sure you didn't already get the answer in the discord, but just in case, it is MS Gothic

Hi, so iirc the beginning is a cutscene where you hit 'E' to go through the dialogue. Let me know if you managed to get past that part.

Thank you for playing! I'm very happy you liked it.

I might fix some bugs as they come up, but yes, this is pretty much the full game!

Thanks so much for playing! : D

hope you see this I put out a version with fullscreen!

hi so I just put out a version with fullscreen, sorry it took so long, hope you are able to play it now

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

It is a rather small window yes. Also when I made the game I didn't want to make a fullscreen version because I thought it would betray the source material (windowed edutainment games).  I don't think it should be illegible though, if it is, or if you're still having this problem, I can try and put up a scaled-up version.