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sorry its not working right, try hitting F4 maybe thats the shortcut to get into/out off fullscreen

oh no prob at all no rush either just looking forward to it!

i keep refreshing

1. download the itch app for mac

2. login to it

3. if you see that discover my body is already in your library on the app, delete it

4. redownload the game and try to run it

its comments like these that keep me keeping on :)

are you getting an error message when you try to open it? please let me know what's happening if you can. thanks.

i am still working on it and don't call people dumbass

i made it so you can download the tracks from here

incredible, goes places, 5/5

very very cool, my favorite quality in a game is if it feels like a weird dream, this definitely felt like one, got one ending but excited to go and explore more soon :D


i ate a lot of play-doh as a kid

the game is not out yet sorry

thank you that's very kind !

is it displaying correctly on the main monitor?

thanks so much for playing!

thanks for playing!

hey thanks! that is really interesting to hear, I love Cosmology of Kyoto so I think it makes sense some of those vibes imprinted on my stuff

the game is still in development !

thanks for playing!!

glad you liked it! there just so happens to be a way to get the ost for 2 bucks separately !

gamemaker studio 2 !

Hi Foxley, thanks for letting me know, someone else had reported something similar but I was not able to create it on my machine, I will take another look right now though as you are probably right there probably is an audio file playing over itself again and again. If you could let me know what version of the game you are playing (it should be listed in the bottom right hand screen of the main menu, if it is not pls tell me) and also what operating system you are using.

You really don't have to apologize! it's a pretty short game anyway so its easy to come to a snap judgement haha. I didn't mean to come off as disregarding/explaining away what you wrote, but I wanted to give my perspective. I think it's valuable to me to get feedback like that from time to time I think it helps me become more deliberate in my work and re-interrogate my own decision making practice in art. it can be tricky navigating artistic freedom vs. responsibility to the audience. in any case, hope you are well too!

the horror elements i use in my stuff are not really there to cast something in a negative light for the purpose of condemning it/pointing at it and saying "this is bad" or for the purpose of merely trying to scare/creep out the player. i am not trying to make some sort of video game version of an evangelical hell house. i think horror can be an interesting way of dealing with fear and anxiety, and fear and anxiety is often not as simple as recognizing something as harmful/a threat but instead is complicated and entangled with different ideas and impulses. sometimes fear is just a threshold between the known and the unknown.

i originally made this game when thinking about my own body as it began failing me for various reasons and I began considering my relationship to it and my mind and time and death/infinity.

so while someone could play this and read it at face-value as a serious condemnation of trans-humanism and a condemnation of the destruction of traditional values, i would really disagree with this interpretation, although you are probably not the first person to get this message out of it.

For the record I am not a conservative and I support trans people although I am not trans myself.

thank you!!! <3

this is so kind thank you so much!

there is actually a steam version coming!

hi, sorry about that, i think i fixed the widget above, please try it out and if it doesn't work i'll send you a link.

oh no yes it is open to the public i just don't advertise it super well let me know if this works

thank you so much for your kind words and your thoughts, I will refrain from commenting more specifically bc of spoilers but I think that is definitely a valid interpretation and very interesting to read 

thank you !!

thanks for playing! and thanks so much for signing up to my patreon!!

hi! I am not sure at the moment but I am going to see if I can work something out. I think itch has a couple different options for payment processing.

thanks! yeah i also sort of miss the crunchiness lol don't worry it will probably be back in a few future games

So glad you enjoyed it!!

The game is designed in a way that it is feasible to get everything done on the last week, ie in one playthrough, but also getting the good ending is contingent on doing a lot of exploration + reading documents + talking to Grandpa. i sort of did want people to get the bad ending before the good ending just because it might make them explore more and seek out some answers to what is going on. however this is the first game I have made that could possibly be called non-linear, so it was definitely a learning in experience in regard to this type of game design. I am happy you ultimately enjoyed the game tho!

thanks for playing, super glad you enjoyed it!