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Introduce Yourself Sticky

A topic by Candy✩Giants created Aug 16, 2016 Views: 545 Replies: 15
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Ayyy, what's up everybody?

I'm Avery, your host and fellow participant! Super excited to see how the jam unfolds.

Has anyone got an idea down or begun collecting assets? :)

Yoooo~ (=゚ω゚)ノ

My name is Max! I really like the idea of this challenge~ At first I was a little hesitant, since I am more of an IF writer than VN (and didn't really know what sort of assets I would make that would be worthwhile) but then I thought of a pretty cool twist for my game and now I am ALL-IN. And now to put my entire musical library in shuffle and wait for an idea to come to me~


I did not expect anyone to interpret the challenge this way! I'm excited to see what comes of this

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for participating! ♥ Glad to have you aboard, Luna.

I think this jam is a Good Opportunity to work on your first game! Seeing as you don't have to worry overmuch about assets, you can direct your attention to your concept and learning your engine. :) Excited to see what you do!

Hi all, my name is BáiYù and I'll be taking on the weekend challenge to make a quick Ren'Py VN. I've already found some assets to use so I'm just brainstorming now. It'll probably be a yuri game involving magical girls and cannibalism(?!), don't ask me how or why. I'll be making a custom GUI to release at the end.

I look forward to jammin' with everyone!


Thanks for participating! We need more freebies in the VN department, haha. We could all use more yuri in our lives as well. :'D

Hello everyone! I go by Lizardo and I'm going try my hand at actually /finishing/ a game! I'm a little notorious for not finishing projects, but this is something I've wanted to do for a while and I've think I've learned by now how to keep the scope small and myself focused. I'm going to be working on a visual novel in Ren'py, most likely a fangame with Vocaloid characters as I'm planning on using MMD (freeware, Vocaloid-focused 3D animation software) to generate the character images.

All in all I'm really excited about this opportunity! Looking forward to jam!


Ayyy, hello! Nice to have you around! I used to be a huge Vocaloid fan, haha~ I'm curious to see where your game goes! I'm not the best artist, but it might be some inspiration for me to draw some Vocaloid fanart again.

I hope you enjoy making your first game!

Hello! I'm Morgana/Morgi/Mystery Corgi!

I can't actually program in anything other than Ren'Py and my boss will kill me if I participate in the Jam by making a game. (So much work to do!) :P So instead I'm going to contribute assets! I'm marking my fonts down for free because I'm so inspired by this jam. I will also probably contribute some pixel art.


Thank you!! Everything counts!

Hello i'm FireGreeks, an HTML, Javascript ans CSS developer.

I'm so exited for tommorow, its going to be fun. I'm going to program on a web browser from scratch with no libraries, now I'm just waiting it to start. Thank you for this jam.

PS : This is the first time I'll really finish a game and join in a jam (I am really exited), godd luck every one and thank you to the contributers...


Ayyy, nice to meet you, FireGreeks! We look forward to your final product. I'm sure lots of people will want to test/use it! :D

Hello, I'll be working on my first full game, as oppose to a mod/map. It's a simple clicker game, but we all have to start somewhere :


Hey, that's great! Something is always better than nothing!

Looking forward to your creation. :D

Heya, I'm interested in entering, is game maker okay to use. Seeing as GM:Studio does have a free version which i use. In any case I'll definitely be at least submitting some art to the jam.


Hi I'm Ajay, I run the Devil's Garage, making 3D art. Just came across this jam, and I would love to contribute some Creative Common game assets. I just turned in my dice starter pack asset for any team to use. I also have some block assets that I can render out for for both Cube Dash and Total Jumper