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Stop me if you've heard this one:

Budding game developer wants to create. However, budding game developer lacks the means to produce game assets. Thus, budding game developer puts their idea on the backburner, where it forever remains, 'cause art is hard and life should be more than a valley of tears.

If this sounds like you, Freesource Jam is your, erm, jam!

Freesource Jam exists to give those who feel awkward about using premade assets a chance to create without fear of judgement. It's also for run-down devs who need to scratch their game-making itch, but haven't the means to make unique visuals/audio/etc.

This is the opportunity to test ideas without investing too much in the bits 'n' pieces what comprise a video game. Think about it: You can focus on story, mechanics, etc. without stressing over custom sound/graphics for a month and a half! When was the last time a game jam encouraged you to take a load off your game-devvin' shoulders?

If you're interested, please join in! If you're not, spread the word! I think this event will be great fun with enough participants. ♥


Freesource Jam comes in two flavours: Strict and Loose.

In Strict mode, all assets in your game — including the engine! — must be free and available for public use. Ren'Py, Sploder, and GDevelop are examples of free game-making software that fall beneath this category. If you do provide your own assets, you must release all of them, in their finished state, under a Creative Commons license. The nature of that license is up to you.

In Loose mode, you may use commercial engines and assets, so long as they're presently available for purchase. RPG Maker, Construct 2, and TyranoBuilder are examples of commercial game-making software that fall beneath this category. As with Strict mode, assets you make yourself must be released under a Creative Commons license or put up for sale.

Succinctly: Every piece featured in your game must be accessible, under whatever conditions, for anyone to use in their own works.


Make A Game

Just relax and make a game, man. That's all you gotta do.

However, I strongly encourage Tweeting your WIPs with the #FreesourceJam hashtag and creating a forum thread to share your progress! This event will be most fun if people cheer one another on. :)

Make Freesources

Make free (or donationware) assets and submit them to the jam! Your resources are welcome here so long as they're polished enough for use in a game proper. If you wouldn't use them yourself, then they aren't quire ready. ;)

Optional Challenges

Need some constraints to defrost your brainmeat? Don't worry, I've got ya.

  • Limit yourself to three maps/locales.
  • Keep gameplay under 10 minutes.
  • Use an 8-bit palette.
  • Use a 1-bit palette.
  • Use public domain characters and/or settings.
  • Create a game about making games. Meta!
  • Create an autobiographical game.
  • Run all game text through Google Translate.
  • Use an unfamiliar engine.
  • Create in an unfamiliar genre.
  • Create your game in 1 week.
  • Create your game in 1 weekend.
  • Don't stop believing.

Important Notes

  • You may retool, expand upon, etc. old projects for Freesource Jam, so long as your assets fill the criteria above.
  • You may submit your Freesource Jam projects to other jams, so long as your assets fill the criteria above.
  • You may create fan-games for this event; however, you may not use official/licensed artwork, as those assets aren't actually freesources!
  • You may submit any kind of visuals-based games. We welcome games of all lengths, too, from the five-minute proofs-of-concept to the hour-long interactive adventures. Don't feel pressed to create a masterpiece! That's not what you're here for! :)
  • You may work in teams.
  • You may submit late. (Contact me via Twitter for a submission link.)
  • Your game must include a readme or credits screen citing all the freesources used. That includes your own.
  • Your game may not contain hateful, illegal, or inflammatory themes. This is a super-happy-funtime event! Let's honor the spirit of that.

Questions? Comments?

Direct these to me at @averywhat on Twitter. I'll respond asap! :D


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Free 3D Game Assets for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
Short and potentially frustrating bullet hell game
Platform game prototype for the FreeSourceGameJam
Kinetic novel demo/prototype for Freesource Jam
Visual Novel
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A Top-Down, Multi-Directional, Space Shooter made entirely with creative commons assets.
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A fanmade remake of an old browser game starring Pac-Man!
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A logo intended as a placeholder for visual novel projects