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Thanks for your contribution! I'll play it asap. :)

Thank you for participating! I enjoyed this; you did really well with the assets chosen. :)

Thanks for participating! I'll play this soon.

I really like what you did for the CGs, here. 3D painted over? :)

I had a little cry, bless you

Planning doesn't count against your hours!

Well, that was adorable.

I seem to have lost your DM despite not deleting it on Twitter. Feel free to email me at paddlewings (at) aim (dot) com!

You don't need to request a submission link prior to the end of the event! :) Once you have your game uploaded, link it to me and I'll generate you a special url by which to submit.

Hey, that's great! Something is always better than nothing!

Looking forward to your creation. :D

I played this game a few years ago and it gave me an existential crisis, lmao. Much love for the subtle inclusion of an LGBT+ character. :) Overall great game!

Ayyy, nice to meet you, FireGreeks! We look forward to your final product. I'm sure lots of people will want to test/use it! :D

Holy Kow, this masterpost has everything one might need:

Ayy, I've got some! Feel free to add your own.

Here are s'more!

Haha, thank you! I'm glad you like them! ♥ The project's been a bit slow going while I try to earn money for film school this October, but I really appreciate your confidence!

Thank you!! Everything counts!

I'm attempting an LP of Wimple, and I absolutely love the story and artwork, but I have to ask -- why'd you axe the save option? :( It does force the player to think twice about their actions versus powering through the bunnies, but folk like me with horrid reflexes get a little put-out by having to replay the game from the splash screen every time we fail.

This is more my fault than yours, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway! I'd have appreciated a checkpoint at each accomplishment (giving the moon the jelly, acquiring the goose, etc).

All the same, I'm very glad to have played this! I'll let you know once I finally manage to get the second ending and throw up a video. Keep making games, you have a great sense of atmosphere.

Ayyy, hello! Nice to have you around! I used to be a huge Vocaloid fan, haha~ I'm curious to see where your game goes! I'm not the best artist, but it might be some inspiration for me to draw some Vocaloid fanart again.

I hope you enjoy making your first game!

Thanks for participating! We need more freebies in the VN department, haha. We could all use more yuri in our lives as well. :'D

Ayy, thank you for the listing! Much appreciated.

Thanks for participating! ♥ Glad to have you aboard, Luna.

I think this jam is a Good Opportunity to work on your first game! Seeing as you don't have to worry overmuch about assets, you can direct your attention to your concept and learning your engine. :) Excited to see what you do!

I did not expect anyone to interpret the challenge this way! I'm excited to see what comes of this

Ayyy, what's up everybody?

I'm Avery, your host and fellow participant! Super excited to see how the jam unfolds.

Has anyone got an idea down or begun collecting assets? :)

Haha, this was a fun diversion.

Looks like i'll have a playable demo out by the due date...!

I Let's Played this thing and loved every moment -- and that's just the demo. :'D I'll be sure to do a complete video as soon as the full game comes out!

It's 3AM and I'm frantically jotting various ideas down, haha~ I haven't decided on one yet, but I'm getting there!

Ughhh I love this thing so much ♥

Hahaha, this game was super fun! ♥

I love both endings... but I still haven't figured out the meaning behind the postcredits scene. Hmmm...

I enjoyed this immensely!

loved the narrative voice. Had great fun!

well, gee! That was beautiful! I much enjoyed this.

I'm really, really fond of this. Thanks for the experience! I enjoyed reading. :)

Thank you very much! :D

So, this was interesting! I wonder: do the symbols in the dialogue actually mean anything? And if so, is it possible to gut the game for English translations? Not knowing's been bothering me ever since I finished my playthrough...

Lovely. Half an hour well spent; recommending to all my friends! I'll have to replay now that I know 'bout the secret areas and whatnot.

The prose in this was really pretty! I had a fun time reading. :D