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I'm attempting an LP of Wimple, and I absolutely love the story and artwork, but I have to ask -- why'd you axe the save option? :( It does force the player to think twice about their actions versus powering through the bunnies, but folk like me with horrid reflexes get a little put-out by having to replay the game from the splash screen every time we fail.

This is more my fault than yours, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway! I'd have appreciated a checkpoint at each accomplishment (giving the moon the jelly, acquiring the goose, etc).

All the same, I'm very glad to have played this! I'll let you know once I finally manage to get the second ending and throw up a video. Keep making games, you have a great sense of atmosphere.

I didn't really think of it that way!

My whole Idea was that the game was so short that it wouldn't be a problem, but I do understand your issue.

I may be able to fix that up in an update later on.