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Incredibly good art design and presentation. Everything about the way this game looks and sounds is excellent. From the intro alone I was completely drawn in, and ready to see where the ride would take me.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to criticize the gameplay itself. I feel like the claustrophobic nature of the forest ended up just making me feel like I was wandering around a hedgemaze rather than exploring an area. Once I got the the night area, the enemies are too unforgiving, and lock you into a QTE even when you land a successful punch in on them. In the dark woods, the feeling of being stuck in a small maze got even more prevalent. 

I think that making the explorable areas more open and varied, as well as giving the player a bit more defensive and offensive ability would really help the game feel. I really want to learn more about this world, and it'd be fun to explore a map where it feels like I'm in that world, rather than just a themed maze.

Still, keep up the great work! Everything about the presentation is top notch and incredibly professional. I'm looking forward to seeing where this game goes!

Very cool work here! Love the graphics, and the enemy design is phenomenal, really professional stuff there! (Sawblade guys are especially unique and cool) Love the overall vibes and dingy bloody aesthetic. I like the fast paced vibes, though I think a speed between the walk and sprint would be optimal.
The main complaint I' have is that the enemy AI needs a bit of work. They get caught on decorations pretty often. This actually lead to me almost dying a couple times to enemies that had gotten stuck in dark corners of the room lol
I'd say the second level is better than the first, mainly because I feel there's a lot more visual clarity in the design. There's a few places where I feel it isn't clear what a button has done. Some visual cues connecting the button to its respective door would help a lot, or simply placing the buttons closer to the doors.
A quick weapon switch for the mousewheel would be greatly appreciated, being able to switch on the fly to kill multiple enemies with different weapons would feel great!
Overall, really great work! I look forward to seeing your work in the future!

There's not much of a big meaning to it, it's sort of a play on the word "Dashboard" and in general Nic has a sort of bored demeanor to him most of the time. Hope that helps!

Absolutely! I'd be extremely happy to see that!

Try Spacebar, that's the key that works for me.

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Thanks for reminding me!

Since the Steam version came a bit later, I ended up forgetting to intergrate keys with

Your keys should be available now!  
The Steam version is a bit more up to date than the version, Itch takes a while to update games for me, so the Steam Version is usually the best way to get updates the earliest.

Edit: Just wanted to say, loved the video! Keep up the good work!

Sorry for the late reply.

If you wish, that's perfectly fine by me!

Are there any things you need to continue with this?

Looking pretty good so far!

Things I like:

  • The setting
  • Ambient Music is nice
  • Humor seems to have improved since SUITS
  • Graphical improvement, the animations are really smooth
  • Battle system seems interesting so far
  • Character designs were nice, particularly on the sandworm

Things I didn't like:

  • The desert area seemed pretty bland visually. I would suggest including some different complimentary colors in the mix. Hell, maybe change the whole color scheme of the area, yellow themed deserts have appeared everywhere at this point.
  • Battle system seems too simple. This might change later on, but there was no reason not to use the pipe rather than the fist.
  • Battle system was a bit boring visually. The bar at the bottom blended in way too much with the surroundings. Maybe think of redesigning it.
  • Certain graphical ugly spots in some places. The Guy's hat is kinda weird looking, and the pixels kinda smash together.

Overall, it was a pretty fun short time, and I look forward to seeing how you'll develop this in the future!

Green Brean

Thank you!

I didn't really think of it that way!

My whole Idea was that the game was so short that it wouldn't be a problem, but I do understand your issue.

I may be able to fix that up in an update later on.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Sure! Be sure to send me a link if you do it!