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FEEDBACK - Post Questions or Comments Here! Sticky

A topic by Technomancy Studios created Apr 29, 2017 Views: 187 Replies: 2
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Let us know what you think of the demo and tell us what you'd like to see changed or added. Maybe you're suggestion will become part of the finished product! Who knows!

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Looking pretty good so far!

Things I like:

  • The setting
  • Ambient Music is nice
  • Humor seems to have improved since SUITS
  • Graphical improvement, the animations are really smooth
  • Battle system seems interesting so far
  • Character designs were nice, particularly on the sandworm

Things I didn't like:

  • The desert area seemed pretty bland visually. I would suggest including some different complimentary colors in the mix. Hell, maybe change the whole color scheme of the area, yellow themed deserts have appeared everywhere at this point.
  • Battle system seems too simple. This might change later on, but there was no reason not to use the pipe rather than the fist.
  • Battle system was a bit boring visually. The bar at the bottom blended in way too much with the surroundings. Maybe think of redesigning it.
  • Certain graphical ugly spots in some places. The Guy's hat is kinda weird looking, and the pixels kinda smash together.

Overall, it was a pretty fun short time, and I look forward to seeing how you'll develop this in the future!

Green Brean


Many good points, thanks. We've already begun fixing a lot of the stuff you dislike(battle-system-wise), as we already disliked them ourselves. A desert is always gonna be a desert but the rest of the game will take you to some strange new worlds so don't you fret!