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Make the most beautiful garden in this relaxing sandbox game !
Submitted by Ema (@puree_adventure) — 6 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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Overall Fun#263.3333.333

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Loved the art! So cute and relaxing


Such a cute game! Expanding a bit on the concept (with objectives, more locations, possibly neighbours/NPCs) would be great! UI is simple but very easy to grasp, art is super charming, just a bit limited after playing a while at the moment.

Btw, I didn't expect rose bushes to grow THAT much, I almost blocked my house xD

Jam Host (2 edits) (+1)

Overall a really cute, charming, relaxing, simple decoration game. Here's my playtru:

I sort of wish the chicken has a coo coo sound of her own, and being able to see inside of her home as well. Overall the UI is pretty straight forward and easy to learn, took me a little bit before realizing how to delete a tile, a tiny bit more walk thru of the UI functions with text balloon would be perfect. 

This is definitely one of the free games I can recommend more streamers to play between their more intense games. 


Thank you ! It was made for a jam and I didn't have time to add house inside but I'll add it to my to do list (with the coo coo) I haven't seen a lot of people play it so thank you for the video ! it's really helpful and it made me really happy ! (also you can take a screenshot, and also build off grid and really go crazy, the touch are explained for that in the ? at the bottom left of the screen (something not clear enough too x)) Thanks thanks thanks !

Jam Host

thanks for the reply. :D Maybe work the notes on the screenshot into the game UI intro will work very well so you don't have to repeat yourself. lol


Very charming art style!


Nice, cute relaxing experience. Pretty graphics with lots of ideas, same for the sounds.

I  wonder whether it would be better if you won't need to go near somewhere to work on it. It makes it a bit cumbersome to build, e.g., a pathway: add a few tiles, walk a few steps, add a few tiles, walk a few steps etc. But maybe that's just me?

Maybe it would also look a bit better if it were not exactly a checkerboard: this way, the flowers look a bit artificial. At least if every second row would be shifted by half a column width, the effect might already be more natural, and the flowers would also not perfectly hide each other from view. Maybe a random shift for each flower or each row would also work. You can experiment a bit with that!

And I only understood the title graphics after I played the game: I mistook the chicken for a white blob with a butterfly on it. Yeah, it's stupid, but if the game is clearer and also prettier than the advertising picture for it... ^^;


Thank you very much for the feedback, it is really usefull! And that's a really good idea about the shift for each flower, I'll def play with that ! For now though, you can press shift to toggle between grid and off grid, with off grid you can place objects anywhere you want ! That way you can really go crazy and do a big flower field

(and yes the title and the ad pic are not great because it was made last min since the game was for a game jam x))

Thank you very much ! I'll make sure to rate your game too when I will have time to play !


Ah I see! And I thought the grid would only be invisible, but still there. Should have tried that...

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Relaxing game, I liked the wobbly effect that happened when I mouse-overed the tree to cut it down.

As a suggestion, when building objects like a bench, it'd be nice to see a faded version of it as I move the mouse around to see how it would look.


This game is so cute. I intended to only play for a couple of minutes, but ended up getting into to building my little garden. I love the little details - the change of footsteps on different material, the fireflies that come out at night. Great job!


Thanks ! You can take a screenshot if you press c, and toggle between camera for a nice view with space ! Everything is explained in the ? at the bottom left of the screen that nobody seems to see x) (entirely my fault) Thank you very mmuch for playing, I'll rate yours when I play the games this week !


This is very well made! I also love the art style which reminds me of Don't Starve.