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Wow !! Thank you so much ! And thank you for the screenshot, this is a beautiful garden!

This is beautiful ! Thank you so much for playing, leaving this nice comment, and posting a screenshot of your wonderful garden, it always makes me really happy !

Thank you so much for playing !

thank you so much for the kind words ! And thank you for not giving up after 10 min ! 


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Hello ! (I made the graphics for the game) thank you  for playing (or trying at least) but there is a little issue, you have to zoom in to be able to play properly :D Hope you give it another try, thank you so much for the video !

Thank you ! It was actually inspired by the board game Labyrinth :D

Thank you so much ! Bee and wolf were originally suppose to attack each other, I changed my mind after but it's still in the code, I completly forgot about that xD

Puzzzlllleeeees ♥ I love it so much ! The puzzle are great, the art is so cute ! Well done to you both, you did something amazing is such a small time !

That was really really really fun omg, i was screaming the  all time because i was so scared of the hero but we killed them ! 

Loved it ! Packing up weird shapes is my fav genre of game (50 pourcents of my own games x)) and this one didn't disapoint ! And the art omg ! So so so beautiful, all the animation for the character, and the color palette, this game is full of personnality that's amazing ! Also loved all the easter eggs, very very well done !

wow ! The art is so good and so detailed for a 48h game ! Kudos to you for creating such a big scale game in that much time, like the other it was a bit to hard for me (but i'm also not very good at this type of game) but i still enjoyed it ! Really well done to the team !

Thank you Manisha ! 

Thank you so much Vanessa xD

Thank you very much ! Same goes to you, when I saw you participated in this one, I immediatly wanted to play your game !

The art is so cute i want to eat ittttt

Love the spin on the game, really unexpected and creative ! Well done!

SOOOOO CUUUUUUTE love love love the use of the theme, really creative !

Thank you !

As a very big fan of the papa's serie, I approuve of this game ! I think it should now be integrated into the rest of the series

Really great ! Loved the art, loved the storage part, we barely made it but we did it ! I was surprised by the fact that the objects got blocked if there was another one on top, this simple thing made the game much more fun and difficult ! Really well done !

The art is so beautiful, it's so creative !

thank you and thank you for playing ! You can still play the last two levels from the level selector screen (but they are harder too since they are the last x)) about the wolf pack you have to protect yourself first and then remember that if a tiles goes away it pop back on the other sides, that's the key ! (lol key)

Why did you have to go into the forest Mario ?!! Very funny concept ! (Et je savais pas que tu faisais aussi des jeux Flech, c'est incroyable !)

Great simple concept really well executed and very fun! Bravo !  

I LOVE THIS GAME ! Playing with shapes like that is kind of my passion in life (I think I made like 3 games with this mecanic) Really really fun, bravo !

Really funny twist, and the art is beautiful, I love the color palette ! Well done !

The Mouse The Cheese And The Disembodied Arm vibes ! The concept is so funny, nice twist ! Very well done !

This is really creative, and all the messages ? that's kind of awesome ! Really well done, I also really like the addition of the playlist!

Really fun and creative ! A good new frogger !

The art is so beautiful !And I really liked the puzzle, and well done for creating so many of them with different new mecanics every time ! Very well done to you all, this was great!

Thank you so much Malek !

The story is so dumb I love it xD The art is beautiful and I love all the little gobelins noises, well done it was really fun !

The art is so beautiful, and the game feel really juicy ! Well done !

Smart game loop ! And really satisfying, well done !

OMG well done this is a wonderful garden ! Thank you so much for playing and posting a screen shot you just made my day !

Ce jeu est tellement incroyable !! Magnifique écriture et graphismes vraiment bravo, c'est un jeu si spécial ! (Quand j'ai joué la première fois, je me suis dis "ça c'est des français!" Et vous êtes réellement français ! Aussi, très drôle que les deux jeux de la jam qui parle de manif soient des jeux de français)

incredible, breathtaking, beautiful 10/10 

thank you !

I loved it ! So cute and I loved tearing down the wall and saving all the little queer person with the community ♥  Beautiful !

Thank you Sander !