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Hahaha, this is awesome!

Neat, I love the art a lot!

Fun game with RTS controls!

I dig it! xD

Hahaha this is awesome! Very funny game!
Great job!

Neat art style and cute story! Also that ending lmao

Great job!

This was very cool! I loved it!
With a bit more tweaks and content it could surely be a nice game to publish on Steam!

This was a lot of fun! I loved it!

I really liked the atmosphere, art style, sound design and level design! It's a very cool prototype! One thing that I think was missing was a clear objective for the first level, but after exploring around I found my way through. Great job overall!

Very cool short game! Great job!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Perhaps you had the game on the same drive as the one where the recording was being written? That's all I can think of, I've had similar problems with lots of games where I had the game and the recording on the same drive and I was playing and recording at the same time. Also if that drive is used for the operating system as well that is even worse and can make it crash.

Hello, thanks for playing my game!

Btw did you start the fight with the huge lava turret? That is the only one that might cause problems because he shoots a lot of bullets and your PC might be overwhelmed. Could you write your PC specs here? Such as GPU, CPU and RAM?

Also was your gameplay on the browser version or downloaded one?

Hey there, thank you for playing my game! I'm glad that you liked it! <3

For now this is only the Alpha version but more enemies with different bullet patterns will come in the future. Also destructible enemy projectiles are surely on the "To do" list. (maybe even ones that will follow you around)

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad that you liked it! <3

Hey, thank you for playing! Glad you liked it! <3

Lots of assets for landscapes and enemies are ready for the game, they just need to be integrated and tweaked for the future updates! Also there will be more than egyptian zones to explore!

For now everyone can enjoy this Alpha version. The following levels will also be improved with new assets: The Vault, Desert Ruins. They will be enhanced with better models also the levels will be enlarged but they will keep their base idea to feel familiar.

Hey, thanks for playing my game! Glad you liked it! <3

Thanks for playing! More enemies with slow moving projectiles are planned for the future, for now there are some skull turrets with slow moving projectiles in the "Grave Situation" level.

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Still doesn't work, there is a loading screen when I press play but after that the screen just stays black.

Maybe you could make an .exe build that people can download?

Hey, thanks for playing my game!

A tip that I could give you is that in FPS games you can figure out where enemies are shooting from by sound, if you have a surround speaker system or stereo headphones.

Hey, thank you for playing my game! In the browser version the graphics are indeed inconsistent but in the downloadable one they are all fine and fit together well.

Also I have to mention that this is still an ALPHA version and everyone's feedback will be used to improve the final product! (the game will have a short goofy intro and a story that helps make sense of the whole action)

Thank you for playing my game!

Yep, same thing with the link.

Hey, thank you for playing! I'm glad that you liked it! <3

I also wanted to let you know that the Christmas level has 2 weapons + a secret one. (I saw now that the walking Santa is missing from the current build and will be fixed in the next one, he also grants 1 weapon). One of the first weapons that you get is right under the big gingerbread man from the start, it is in the form of a spinning present box. Hint: One of those balconies has a surprise for you.

Hey, thanks for playing it! Glad you liked it! <3

This is only the Alpha version and for the future there are planned 3(or more) difficulty levels as well as a FOV slider. There will also be a life system with checkpoints so that death is not so harsh.

Also the game will feature more zones than just Egypt, it will have way more maps and there is also a nicely planned short story for it, to make sure that every action makes sense.

If you like the game you can also join our Discord server where we have exclusive content regarding the game, QnAs & also an amazing community of over 3400 members! (and yes we also post memes)

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QUICK TIP: Make sure to play the downloadable version for better performance and quality!

Also if you want just to watch, you can see the gameplay of my best level here: 

This is just amazing lol, I love it, great job! Wishlisted it!

Very cool! It reminds me a lot of Cuphead! Great job!

Great concept! It's very good. I think it could use some polishing regarding the player control, sometimes it feels wonky and the cube goes all around the place.

This surely is a very spooky and strange game. Also the audio could use more polishing.

Looks fun but needs more polishing. For example you can fall endlessly if you miss the ground island.

Pretty cool but I think that the block that is about to fall should also be displayed on the board(under the arrow) so that you can more easily think ahead.

Very cool novel with puzzles.

Amazing demo and gameplay! Also pixel art FTW!

A very cool and calm game! I love everything about it!

A very neat way to make a story!

Cool puzzle game.

Pretty cool adventure. Also when I select english not all items and messages are displayed in english during the gameplay.