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Glad you liked it! Some of the strongest guns will not regenerate ammo in the future tho(such as the Minigun or Shadowgun) but that will be part of the fun too so that the player will have to decide when to use the big guns and when to rotate through the self-charging weapons! There will also be ammo packs(in the future) for the big guns at key points such as boss fights so that the player won't be afraid to use those in case they might need it later.

Great game! Reminds me of Jazz Jackrabbit but with the option of aiming everywhere. I love that it keeps the spirit of that retro platformer and the goofiness xD.

Hey, thank you for your feedback. I have to let you know that the game is currently in alpha stage and many more improvements will come. I will surely consider your requests and implement them as well.
Also I will let you know that the left hand is currently just a placeholder and in the future it will have different animations for every action and spell.
The maps are also the original ones from the gamejams that i participated in.
"The Vault" and "Desert Ruins" maps will be greatly improved because they will still remain as the 2 starting levels of the game. But for now they will have to wait until all the technology scrips are developed. More maps will come in the future for sure but for now I will make sure that all weapons are ready to be showcased in their final form inside this demo.
Tutorials will be added but only after the whole game is done because the player is supposed to enhance his arsenal and spells during each level. The player will not start with full spells, you will be able to get one for each task during different levels and every acquisition will be tied to the story.
The game will also have talents(added near its completion) which will enhance spells and individual weapons.
Also the seasonal maps (Winter Village, Clould Nine) are not tied to the story. They are meant just as purely more content for the player to play and they will not included in the main campaign once you start it.(but they will still be available at launch from the level selection menu)
The "Tavern Trouble" map is an example of RPG elements and it will also be one of the secret maps. The secret maps will most likely not be as serious(they will be goofy) as the campaign levels but they will surely deliver the same quality as a campaign one.
The game will also have difficulty levels, a timer for speed runners and some kind of score tied to kills+time. There will also be checkpoints with lives, if you die once you respawn to the nearest checkpoint.(just like in warcraft 3 in the rexxar campaign)
Well, that's all I can remember for now xD. For any future feedback or questions feel free to contact me on any of the links provided.

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You need to download Winrar or something similar (here is the link for winrar: ) and then right click on the game RAR file and select "Extract to..." and it will create a folder with all the game files

Glad you liked it <3

Update: Added New Control Set: X&C + Enemy Hit Sound Effect

Thanks for the feedback. Do you remember in which level you couldn't press the menu button, so i can test it myself?

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Thanks for the feedback. Can I add the  X/C layout and leave the old one there as well? They will basically do the same thing. They will add no extra actions just another way of playing with 2 other buttons.