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Muchas gracias por responderme :)

Qué diver! Me gusta mucho el concepto simple y original que funciona muy bien. Siento que el click no funciona perfecto y fallar el click no se siente muy bien (aunque sea fallo del jugador). Tengo una pregunta de diseñador curioso, has valorado que no haga falta hacer click? Solo tocar los aviones? Qué ventajas y desventajas le has visto o le ves?

Buen trabajo!

Que bonitooo! La mecánica me parece muy original y la historia muy chula. Buen trabajo!!

Muchas gracias Alberto! Por jugarlo y por el feedback. Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado.

Estoy completamente de acuerdo con los puntos en los que flaquea el diseño :)

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Muchas gracias Marta! Me alegra mucho que os haya gustado <3 Tengo muchas ganas de probar el vuestro que tiene una pintaza. He visto los screenshots y con eso ya te puedo decir que me encanta el arte, me parece de lo más profesional que he visto en una jam, no parece un juego de jam y parece estar completo.

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Muchísimas gracias  <3 Me alegra un montón que te haya gustado. Me muero de ganas de probar el vuestro, que no he tenido tiempo todavía

Gracias! Muchas gracias por tu feedback, es muy útil.

El funcionamiento del deck no es muy intuitivo y no está explicado, esperaba que no se entendiera. Siempre agregas cartas al mazo, pero solo ves las tres primeras. Cuando agregas una carta, la carta activa pasa al descarte (se barajará luego de vuelta en el mazo) y la que has agregado se pone como carta activa. Cuando usas todo el mazo, se baraja y se vuelve a empezar.

Cierto, yo tampoco usaba el dash jejeje

Lo de las cantidad de cartas es un bug, pero te has pasado el juego completo, solo que la cuenta de cartas a veces se estropea y la obliteration solo debería salir cuando llegas a 99

Thank you!

Hi again! I have a question for you devs of this amazing game: ¿Are there any games that inspired this game? ¿What are the most similar games to this one you can think of? Any kind of similarity is useful: visuals, mechanics...

Great game, I really enjoyed it! Awesome visuals and sound, and fun levels!

Loved the art! So cute and relaxing

Great game, I love the game idea.
I couldn't enjoy the game fully and I had to stop playing because I got dizzy.

Whenever I had the head on my hands everything was shaking and I got very dizzy. This happened when I rotating the head on the ground too, but to a lesser extent.

It took me a while to understand how to rotate the head, the controls were a bit confusing. For a long time I thought I had to click and drag.

I think the game has a lot of potential, and the quality of the art, the levels and the music shows you know what you are doing. Keep it up, good work!

Great game! I enjoyed it so much! The controls feel great and that's the most important part for these kind of games in my opinion. Just a few things I could see improving:

-Sometimes I completely missed the spikes and just didn't see them and until I stepped on them (regular spikes, not the ones that come out when you touch them). It may be just me, since when I look at them they are pretty visible, they even hace that shining animation...

-I turned off the screenshake because I didn't enjoy it, it made it harder for me to see and play precisely. I'm not a big fan of screenshake and while I found this one particularly annoying, it may be just me hating on screenshake as usual.

-Rocks that allow you to shoot back bullets are a mechanic I don't like: the controls are a little awkward, it didn't feel very intuitive/didn't make a lot of sense thematically (¿after you hit explosive rocks you become glowy and now you can absorb a bullet and shoot it back to turn off laser beams?) and in this demo there's only one use for it (turning laser beams off) which isn't ideal, it's a lot better when you can use a mechanic in multiple distinct ways (I'm guessing this will be the case in the full game, but make sure it feels different).

-And the biggest thing: bigger picture level design was weird. I don't know if bigger picture is what I mean to say: most sections were fun and well designed, but the composition of sections that form a level felt pretty random. For example there were a couple easy sections that don't use the same mechanic (or a new one) after a harder section. Also at times you introduce a new mechanic but then don't use it immediately in the level coming after the introduction, that's unusual. Levels didn't feel like they had an overarching concept, idea or personality.

I'm focusing on the things I think could improve because that's what I find most useful, but I really enjoyed the game a lot and I'm looking forward to playing more of it. Good work, keep it up!

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Thank you! That means a lot to me!

Awesome game! Sound/Music 10 out of 5. Very nice puzzles from simple mechanics. The tutorials are a little challengin, but I guess that's alright since you are warning the game is hard and you probably won't enjoy it if you struggle with those tutorial . I don't have any suggestions because the game is so polished and expertly designed, great job!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Do you mean in cold as in too many cold colors? Or maybe too static or lifeless?

There's a backstory, these images from the intro are the ones we made during the jam, we are planning on making more and bigger cutscenes, but with no text. Making it easy to understand will definitely be a challenge.

Thank you! We are working on the tutorials and that's the kind of feedback we need. I think we will add a mouse click icon moving over the cloud.

Nice game, I like the idea a lot. I feel with some changes it could work a lot better, but I'm not smart enough to know what those could be hehe. I have a few suggestions though:

- The controls need to be tighter: not sure how to fix it but right now its too hard to move accurately. It may be the speed, the arrow movement may not be "jumpy" enough (jump each square), maybe it's just to many columns.

- This may help with the previous issue: the feedback on when the next block is coming isn't great. Maybe you could use the music, since its a constant beat, perhaps an animation of the arrow getting filled or something.

- 0 block could be fun, so you can kill 2pieces that already add to the value.

- When you add to the correct value at the same vertically and horizonally only one of them explodes, (I think its vertical?), I think it would be more fun if both of them did.

- The UI could use a lot of work. I'm not good at UI design, so I may be wrong, I think it needs more feedback for the player everywhere

- I don't like the bomb mechanic as it is implemented right now, I don't know how I would changes but right now I don't think it's fun or adds anything interesting to the gameplay.

Thank you for making this awesome game, very enjoyable! Keep working on it, I'd love to play it again as it evolves.

Wow! I really didn't expect that! Such great news :) Already following ofc. ty

I LOVE THIS GAME! Thank you for making this game Davi! It was so hard to beat but so much fun, I'd love to see the concept expanded.


Nope, they were free to move. I've done in it several puzzles, I think it  can be done in any puzzle. I remember doing it in level 16. Let me know if can't reproduce it and I'll try to explain it better or something.

Awesome game, I really loved all about it, mechanics, aesthetic, music, dialogues... keep up the good work!

I believe I've found a bug. In Kaiju City, you get some unexpected behaviour if you hold some directions while moving towards a movable robot. You can crash into robots and not move them. It may only work in some directions, moving down or right after crashing, I believe.

Me encanta este juego! Me parece un concepto super original y funciona muy bien. La musicota acompaña genial, intentando (sin éxito) desestresarte un poquito. Se puede jugar también de un jugador, recomendado para los locos del multitasking como yo!

Gracias! Y gracias también por tu feedback, es cierto, se echa en falta algo en ese sentido.

Gracias! Es  cierto, algo así le hace falta, la mayoría de la gente que lo prueba lo echa en falta.

Gracias, me alegra que te haya gustado!

Gracias, me alegra que te haya gustado. A mí también me encanta el arte de Dre. ¿Qué juego es Sillicon Valley?

Muchas gracias! Me alegra que te haya gustado. Mucha gente nos ha dicho que le falta feedback en la seleccion, gracias.

Gracias por el cumplido, es mucho decir, hay juegos muy divertidos en la Jam. Me alegra un montón que lo hayas disfrutado.

Jaja perdón por el susto! <3

Muchas gracias! Me alegra que lo hayas disfrutado

Gracias! Me alegra que te haya gustado. La música no la hicimos nosotros, pero estoy contento con lo bien que encaja.

Muchas gracias! La música no la hicimos nosotros,  y la encontramos en el último minuto, pero la verdad es que encaja bastante bien.

Muchas gracias! Pues justamente estaba pensando que los puzzles nos estaban del todo bien ordenados en cuanto a dificultad jeje. Me alegra que te haya gustado ese intento de progresión de niveles.

Gracias! Que alegría que te haya gustado.

Thank you very much!

Thenks henks

Ty pebs!