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Run rabbit run
Submitted by Singlecore Games (@singlecoregames) — 31 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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Hey there! Congrats on your win. <3 You can email me at for your prizes! 


The aesthetic is great and the gunbunny character design really makes a huge difference somehow. It feels right (in the controls, left + right = shooting ears, also the hop), it makes me feel more attached to the lil critter (so the protective shooting power feels even more satisfying), and it makes me invent some narrative while I play (e.g. poor bunny test subject, doomed product of military research science, trapped in unlit infinite razor barrel, each movement monitored only by AI and ultimately boiled down to long-decimal numbers spattered over a spreadsheet on a clipboard that someone will spill coffee on when the "top brass" barges in etc. etc.).

The charge-up time before shooting feels good too.


very engaging gameplay. it's also funny to see the discs are square because the room is round, cool twist. I didn't get how to start the game at first, that I need to hold both A and D keys. Otherwise fun game overall!

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I never knew I had the fantasy of being a powerfull rabbit running in circles but wow

Playing it feels awesome, the concept is cool, the execution is on point and it even looks really cool


I got to the title scree but couldn't get the game to start.


You have to hold the left and right key for a few seconds to start the game


The art style is fantastic. It reminds me of something you'd find on an old arcade cabinet.

The gameplay is not too hard as long as you keep cleaning up the rooms quickly. The fire mechanic is a clever way to ensure the player doesn't just fire all the time, which would make the game too easy.

If I had a negative thing to say about the game, it would be that controls aren't explained in-game.