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Middle click

thanks for trying. I will work on this more in the future

amazing. I tried PS4 controller and it worked immediately. May I know how you did it?

Awesome. Is this made in Game Maker Studio 2?

player names are saved. for region saving I'm not sure what's happening on webgl version, it worked ok on unity editor and mobile

currently unsupported here. You can try on crazygames.

Trash vent, corner/side rooms

hehe thanks.

I'll add fullscreen mode.

your internet or the server may have stopped for a while. just refresh the browser when that happens

Max CCU is fixed

Thank you so much!

Thank you everyone and! We've won in the top 10 of Devolver Digital's Disc Room Game Jam! We won the entire library of Devolver Digital and their future games!

As a thank you, I'm working on the game from the ground up. Addressing the issue of disconnecting players. Please follow my tweet thread for updates.

The initial plan is to have unlimited lives or limited lives depending on the game configuration at the start of the game. I'm reworking the game to include that option. We'll have the option to change from unlimited lives to 10 down to 1.

the dead can report themselves though which is what usually happens when they saw who transformed, or see who are the ones in human form then deduce from that

Yes! Especially when everyone in the room are also familiar with the game and the traitor discs are good players

the server is currently full until we upgrade them

haha love the pun

try fullscreen. also click Join many times, the game has reached maximum server capacity. but you can still get into the game as the round is short. just press join until you get in

Or try fullscreen

oh ok haha, yeah

you can also try clicking Join many times. The round is short, so you'll be able to join in a few minutes

can you try another server? we have reached maximum concurrent players, you may also try some other time. sorry for the inconvenience

Hello, I think we're having max CCU. can you try some other time, or use Asia server?

Ah I see it now when I clicked mote information. Thank you!!

Yes, and also when traitors are able to put scientists in cell and there are equal traitors number to scientists (because traitors can just saw one scientist each to death and no task will be accomplished). I didnt get enough time during game jam though, but yes it should have won you the game already. What's Among Us AU?

Thanks. How to rate in

Yes it's our inspiration. we added our own twist like infinite lives, cell and always on chat for everybody (including jailed suspects)

Thank you!

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Haha amazing. The scenarios generated in this game is really fascinating. And when you pull it off, like you did, it's very satisfying. Them falling for your plan, you adapting to the situation, and getting everything align for you to win

cool! hehe that's great to hear. It's a bit challenging to be a traitor disc, but's a lot of fun too especially when you are able to get the others jailed

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

Played this on NG, very challenging!

Neat! The animation is funny. 

Is it 3D? I love the artstyle

very engaging gameplay. it's also funny to see the discs are square because the room is round, cool twist. I didn't get how to start the game at first, that I need to hold both A and D keys. Otherwise fun game overall!

Mood and atmosphere is spot on. Disks are satisfying to hold and throw :D
I guess all the disks are the same?

I love the design of the characters and the overall pixel art (I'm biased to pixel art). The game reminds me of the Megaman arcade fighting game. Would love to play this with another player.