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Thanks for your feedback o/

Yes we actually always floor the result, you can think of it as doing an euclidian division and dropping the reminder.

Really strong entry, the music is cool, the art is cool and the gameplay is on point.

I had fun with a bug that allowed me to roll one dice if timed correctly too, the only “bad” side I see is that stalling ennemies to heal is too often a good strategy.

Very nice game but a play session is way too long for my brain, after 60 dices I’m both bored and tired and just want to stop >< But maybe it’s just me, good job on the game anyway <3

Pretty neat game, I’m laking a bit of an incentive to try harder, like a score to beat or something, but the gameplay is definitely there.

The art is pretty cool and the gameplay interesting, but i’m missing health bar, I have no way to know how well or bad I’m doing during gameplay and it’s a bit frustrating

Very good game, It hooked me instantly

is the dice rule actaully enforced by the game ? The dice didn’t impact my gameplay at all :/

Just brilliant, love it

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It works really well, strong gameplay, strong graphics and cool sound design. The only downside I could see is that the connection to the theme is a bit loose, but I’m really nitpicking.

Very cool idle game, crafting combos and optimizing your factory is very enjoyable :3

The dice roll sound begins to be a bit annyoing in the long run and the game is laking music to compensate, but overall very clean presentation and art.

I thing some rules are not said nor indicated or I missed something but overall the game is pretty cool. The music is very chill and fits well the game, the art is cool and the gameplay too. Well done o/

Cool game, very hard through. The art is simple but pretty, the music is pretty light and cool.

I think allowing to use both hands by having the position controlled by the arrows or something of this flavor could help, I had a hard time not mixing up the controls.

Thanks for the feedback o/ You can go back in the dialogs by scrolling in the dialog area to find the ones you miss ^^

For the link between gameplay and opponents we had no time to work more on that for now, through Fibonacci uses a fibonacci sequence as a little math joke :p

Thanks for the comment! I was a bit insecure about the art so I’m really glad to hear that you liked it ❤️

Well you already had my 5 star review and a share on twitter but the update is really good so here I am ^^

Good luck for the steam release o/

Joli et posé bien joué à vous <3

Cool game in the beginning but the dodge and armor stats are too efficient so the last dungeon is just a waiting game with an army of untouchable Slimes. Cool art and sound design too o/

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It is, check out the downloads ^^

I finally updated the game, there is more content for you to check out, but don’t expect too much

(it’s updated now)

That’s just the display overflowing XD, I’m going to upload a version where you restart when you die if I can update the game

je peux pas y jouer correctement mais il a l’air plutot sympa, bien joué o/

C’est un peu embêtant que la souris ne soit pas capturée, mais sinon le jeu marche bien, bien joué o/

j’ai que le J2 qui tire, avec contrôle ou alt gr, et j’ai pas de deuxième touche contrôle T.T

Thanks o/

Well I’ll start with a Backwards Story of my own :

I bought the full game since the demo got me really into it, the sound bug is in the full release too ^^

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Awesome game o/ The mechanics are unique and the story compelling so far.

I encountered some minor bugs while completing the demo, the voices blasted at full volume (even when I muted them completely) each time I changed scenes, and in a fight I had a blank cardHere’s a screenshot of the blank card during the fight

If you’ve written something using this generator, please share it here o/

Well I released it after less than one day of work and it’s just a random thing I did, If you want more content check out my other games <3

Very interesting game, congrats on your first game jam ^^ I encountered some bugs so I couldn’t experience the ending yet, maybe next time I try it.

Awesomely cute, and the end makes it even cuter <3

Merci pour le retour ❤️ Je suis contente que ça t’aie plu et que tu aie pu suivre l’histoire ^^

If it’s too hard to follow you can still have a read by going in the downloads, I’ve put the story in a text file there

Thanks for the feedback ^^ Yeah it’s not clear that the ceiling and floor are “obstacles” I didn’t think about showing it more clearly … maybe I should fix that ^^ Glad you enjoyed it <3

I’m happy you like it ^^ I was afraid that it might be too hard, did you follow the story a bit too ?

I saw it on itch’s youtube channel and can’t wait to see a bigger game come out of it <3

From the files of the demo it looks like a Unity engine game

well i was stuck in the first underground chamber and found my way using the osu alternate tap technique but now that there are spikes it’s way harder to get around this way XD

I don’t want to bash it, I’m trying to give a constructive criticism and do a bug report.

I actually rated it too with a pretty good rate.

And I have no idea about the time it took but I’m not here about that anyway. Whatever the time it took the game is pretty cool as it is.