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Beta testers for badly cursed treasure

A topic by Pixelman created Sep 15, 2019 Views: 220 Replies: 53
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So my game is kinda finished. The password to the game is 2138

Please tell me what commands you used and didn't work

The game has 3 endings

Link to the game



I had a brief look at this on mobile but unfortunately it's rendering in landscape mode (Itch requires that you select landscape or portrait).

Please see steps 9E, 9F, 9G at the following link to see how to configure this:

Another point is that the intro text might be better using the : stagger command instead of the : print command. This is just like a print but it controls the flow of text paragraph by paragraph so that the text doesn't flow off the screen and it focuses the player on seeing content one chunk at a time. Good to test on mobile.

I'll take a bit more of a look at the game itself a bit later. Kind of busy on responding to various issues today.


i fixed the the landscape problem but for the intro i have to fix it later


Please also look at 9E in the link about (start in fullscreen mode).


I'm currently stuck, wandering around looking for a source of metal... something that my pickaxe doesn't seem to help with.  I think I've managed to find most of the ways that you can die, anyway. :) It may be that more hints are needed for the second half of the game. 

The quality of game a non-native English speaker can produce never ceases to amaze me. We are so lazy over here when it comes to learning another language! Writing an adventure in another tongue is something that I could never hope to achieve.

The total disrespect for capital letters is actually quite fun. :) Perhaps when the game is finalised someone could just do a quick grammar pass over the text, if that's something you want to correct, though.

There are a few times when grammar does impact playing the game, though. We would tend to refer to a 'fishingrod' as a 'fishing rod'... Indeed, your game doesn't let us GET FISHINGROD... you need to type GET ROD.  If you drop the rod in another location and go back to the oldman (we'd tend to say 'old man') then he will give it you again... Maybe add a has_not_created "rod" check to the response to talk man?

If I get any further in the game then I'll give you more feedback on the second half.

I liked the fish puzzle... It took me a while to work out the command needed to use it at the appropriate place, though.


Flipping heck! This game is huge! :) I've just found a brand new section of locations!


Thanks for the shortcut back, by the way! THAT is most appreciated, and a very nice touch.


(Especially as I'd forgotten to pick up something new I'd found earlier, that somebody wants in this new section!)


(The gold doesn't disappear when it's been given.)


Neither does the handle... You will probably want to add DESTROY "coin" etc. to your code in the appropriate places.


The goblin doesn't disappear from the location description once you've traded with him. 


There are some lovely puzzles in this game, thepixelman. :) 


Hmmm... repair staff? Fix staff? Insert stone? mend staff? attach stone? 

I'm struggling for the correct words, I think?

Submitted (1 edit)

Thank you for playing my game! 

Im gonna work on the bugs you mentioned

BTW:you can't repair the staff. I think i forgot to fix that part but you have to give the staff and the stone to the person who wants it.

And about a fishing rod . I realized you can use () in match: when the game was mostly complete so some parts don't accept that. Im going to fix that too

Tell me if you found the easter egg ;)

Edit:about the capital letters. I guess i have to spend a whole day for it 


I'm not sure if I've found the easter egg... There are lots of nice little touches.

Hmm... I'm not sure if I've found someone who wants the staff... Let me go back exploring...

Submitted (1 edit)

oh and the metal source is the blade of axe. You need the sword and an apple to find that person

The easter egg has a hint in that letter in the mine maze


Do I need to get past these iron bars?


no. I just put them there so people know there were several entrances to the cave and the miners left the cave safely.

But that made me think about it. I might hide something back there


I was distracted by them early on as I thought they could be my source of metal.


There is something back there now


Just realised that I've been extremely thick regarding a source of metal. 


Ha. I've found "BAD END1". :) 


Regarding the handle... You need it to get something from outside... but you could have potentially burnt it by then? 


yeah, both handle and blade can be destroyed before getting used with other things. I've been thinking how i can fix this but maybe i have to keep it like it


Right... I've found BAD END 2 now... How do I get a good ending, I wonder? 


HINT: mercy the statues


Oh, pants. :) 


Probably need to add CHOP WOOD / CUT WOOD as a synonym for GET WOOD.




FISH _ as an alternative to GET FISH 


Maybe GIVE FISH or WAVE FISH as an alternative to WAKE TROLL...? 

Submitted (1 edit)

The fish command was GIVE FISH at first but i changed it. I think i should make both of them work.


Well done to me! And well done to Pixel man77... What a great little game. Some really clever puzzles. It just needs a bit of work to add a few extra responses to make it a tiny bit more user-friendly. Adding a few more responses to flag up some of the red herrings would really help. Do the crystal and rock serve any purpose in the end?

But... yeah, I really enjoyed that. For a first effort with Adventuron (and at an adventure too?) it's great.


Thanks! And yes, that was the first text based game i ever made. I have an idea for a better one which i once tried to make using python but didn't went anywhere.

I loved the text based games since the first day I found about them.


I just saw the part about rock and the crystal.

The rock is needed to get the pickaxe

The crystal is needed to enter the mine maze


Ah, I forgot the rock/pickaxe link because I didn't bother getting that the second time around. (I don't think!)

I'm not sure I registered the link between the crystal and the mine maze.


your right. I checked the game and it lets you get in the maze without having the crystal.

Another bug to fix 


I'll wait for the revisions then have a go :-)


I updated the game. The changes are:

-i fixed the bugs 8bitAG mentioned

-added a new secret ending

-fixed most of the language errors using a software but there may be some left

However the crystal bug is still there which im going to open a topic for


Cool. I'm sure we can help out with your crystal/maze issue. 


Hi Pixelman. Im playing your game at the moment and really enjoying it. I have a long list of corrections/suggestions. Is there a good way to send these to you, as there's too many to post here? It's mostly spelling, grammar, punctuation errors and suggestions for new verbs or synonyms to avoid guess-the-verb scenarios.

In the meantime, I think I need a hint. I've given the staff to the wizard, but he still needs the wizard stone (or whatever it's called). I think I can get it from the riddlemaker, but he requires two similar objects. I thought it was the rock and the crystal, but that didn't work. Any hints on the two things I need?

Submitted (2 edits)

Hey! Thanks for testing the game.

About the list, you can send it to h a g h g o o 3 3 AT g m a i l . c o m (thanks for the mentioning language errors, as english is not my mother tongue)

And the hint. I mentioned those two object two times in the game and they are fishingrod and blade(which you get from breaking the axe)

However if you made the sword before solving the riddle, the riddle becomes unsolveable (which the riddle maker must mention if you talk to him after making the sword) 

If you don't have the blade there is one more ending you can get(two, if you count the secret ending, which is really small) just go north at the statue room

Edit:thanks for telling about rock and crystal. I will write a dialoge about them.

Edit 2: or maybe make the riddle having 2 answers? Hmmm


Bummer. I'd used the blade to make the sword and probably hadn't TALKed to the riddlemaker again. It looks like I'll have to start again. I don't get how the fishing rod and blade are similar, though.

I'll try to finish it tonight, then get those language corrections to you. Considering that English is not your native language, you've done really well.


There are quite a few ways that you can close off certain endings by doing things in the 'wrong' order... I managed to burn the handle before I'd got the apple... Luckily the "destroy" code wasn't in place then so I could still use it. :) 

Normally I'd be against putting the game in an "unwinnable" situation... these days most people don't have any tolerance for that, even though back in the day we were usually fine with the need to restart the game many times, and learn from our mistakes... I think in this game closing some of the paths off is  interesting because it does have multiple endings. If there's always an ending possible (even a bad one) then that's fine I think. You could always give hints towards things that the player could've done differently, on the end screen... for example, "I curse the fact that I smashed...." or "If only I'd have figured out that riddle before I headed into the forest" etc.


I'm thinking to print a line like "you feel this can be useful somewhere else" the first time player tries to use the handle and the blade and the second time lets the player to use it(or some kind of Y/N question maybe)


You could just set a boolean the first time, and then if they are determined to use it a second time then it's their own fault. You've warned them. As long as there is still a path to the end, I think it's okay. 


Hello, I don't have much time to play the game (yet) unfortunately,

Some feedback:

  • I don't think that the style of your graphics require the use of the CRT filter.
  • Maybe in the intro screen, colour the word MAP as a brighter colour? 
  • In the intro screen, please place periods / full stops at the end of sentences, and start each sentence with a capital letter.
  • Generally speaking, please place full stops / periods at the end of sentences.

The Trunk:

I think the following input should be responded to:


The Oldman:

I'll just list some inputs that I think should be responded to:

: match "say hello;talk man;talk oldman" {

Also, please place paragraph breaks in the middle of paragraphs. A paragraph break is the \n character. For long bits of text, please use the stagger command to make sure that the text flows well on mobile (stagger is the same as print but it inserts a press_any_key automatically between paragraphs.

: stagger "This is paragraph 1.\nThis is paragraph 2.";

Talking to the oldman again should give you the hint again about smelling the fish. I missed that detail the first time I talked to him, so I suggest repeating his dialog the second time, but only create the fishing rod the first time.

Please name your objects in the following format (the comment is there for information only, it doesn't change anything.:

fishing_rod : object "a fishing rod"; /* fishing = adjective, rod = noun */

If you name your objects this way all of the following is accepted by adventuron:

  • get rod
  • get fishing rod

The match item is in the format : match "VERB NOUN", so you only need to say : match : "examine rod" and the adjective will be mostly ignored.

The Troll:


.. that's all for now. Good luck in the jam.



The graphics have glow effect. Which might be similar to the CRT.

the fishing rod is already named fishing_rod.

For the rest i'll see ehat i can do


I finished it.

Have you ever heard of Andrew Plotkin's cruelty scale for adventures? This is a measure of how cruel an adventure is from the point-of-view of things like sudden-death and getting into an unwinnable state. The classic scale has five ratings: Merciful, Polite, Tough, Nasty and Cruel, with Cruel being the worst. I would rate your game as Cruel, as there are several ways to die without warning and it is possible to get into an unwinnable state without even knowing that you're in an unwinnable state. In Gareth's era, this was probably the norm, so he would think this is okay. In the modern era, this is unacceptable and your reviewers would give you a real bagging. In fact, I think most players would just give up very early and move onto something else, as there's about 10,000 adventures to choose from. This is a pity, as the game has some nice puzzles. It just needs a little more fine tuning. It appears that the rock, crystal and pickaxe are essentially red herrings.

It's getting late now, so I'll try to send you some more helpful comments tomorrow, as promised, although Adventuron has already mentioned some of the major issues that I was going to mention.

For a further details on Andrew Plotkin's cruelty scale, see:


Hey, it's *your* era, too! :)

A game with multiple paths through, depending on the choices you make, is interesting. As long as there are clues throughout the game, to hint at the choices, I don't see a problem with it.

My point is that his game isn't unwinnable... or shouldn't be with just a few tweaks... but it is a game where you can get to a stage where you can't get the best ending. I think that's fine, as long as each ending is equally as fleshed out and satisfying for the player... Pixelman may want to check that this is the case and expand the ending text if necessary.

The rock, crystal and pick-axe aren't red herrings. The crystal allows access to the maze (at least that was the intention, the fact it didn't when I played it was a bug). The rock allows you to get the pick-axe, and the pick-axe is the tool that triggers one of the bad endings. 

I'd say there just needs to be a little more sign-posting of the potential consequences of the player's actions, and a few tweaks to the puzzles to make sure there is always an ending available. It's definitely and interesting and ambitious game, given the Jam time-limit and framework. 


Oh, I wasn't aware of the purpose of the crystal. I could access the maze, so I didn't need it. Perhaps if the large rock was found before the crystal room and getting the crystal revealed an opening to the east to get to the maze, it would make more sense. If this has been fixed, then I must have played the earlier version.


"Hey, it's *your* era, too! :)"

Ha, ha! You're right, of course. But I was spoiled by the better games for the Atari 8-bit computers. These had a strong legacy from the Apple II and TRS-80 days, i.e. commercial American games. The home brew scene was nowhere near as strong over there as it was with the later Quilled and PAWed adventures for the Spectrum. I absolutely HATE that computer, but I love its adventures.


Well, your quite right. I was thinking about this problem and i have some solutions:

1- warning the player before using handle and blade (which if the player is lazy won't work well as the player won't try to play the game again)

2- adding more items which appear when player used handle and blade

3- changing the answer of the riddle so both "fishing rod-blade" and "crystal-rock" will work and changing the way to get the apple

However i was unwell today and didn't managed to work on the game


1. You could also add a warning AFTER destroying the handle and the blade to say "The blade's gone now. I hope I don't need it again."

3. I think the riddle's okay, but the wording of the riddle could be clearer, perhaps somehow referring back to the hint originally given to you by the old man.