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Match Candy - Fight The King - Escape The Orphanage
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Fun game, especially when trying the alternative route to reach ending :).


I quite enjoyed playing it even if I was too tired to actually concentrate on the color puzzle and just clicked around in it (and the fight) to see what would happen. As a result I didn't win, but the reading was nice.


I'm generally not a huge Twine fan, but I really enjoyed this! Fun story and great pacing on the fight sequences. Great work!


Great random imagery, and interesting how some stuff loops back around. Nice work!


Thanks for your comment!

I don't like RPGs which are basically made for Excel, so I kept the real data from players and tried to build something story driven. The fight against The King was kinda like my aim from the beginning. The fight against Nancy was supposed to be training for that.

Fun story, except the fights that are hard to handle with the few informations player has ^^