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Scrolls of Candy: The Apple of Memory SagaView game page

Use your candy magic to defeat evil lawyers.
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Great game especially the collaborating the game mechanic with the court battle theme =w=b.


What a badass Gandolf ! Really fun and nice game :)


It took me some time to understand the multiplier thing but otherwise it was a great game, i loved the mechanics, the fact that you could really think about your defense, the quick attacks and the story was fun too :)


I like where you took the puzzle of lining up and identifying groups of many! The opponent might have been a bit too silly in the beginning (first two levels at least) so that the feel for the actual complexity and possibility got lost at first. I think you could loose people there. But with player vs player and rating systems this could be epic. Also never understood the "x2" was that just a random modifier (if so maybe a bit too frequent...)


Really nice!


Really fun game, good art and fun gameplay, I'd love to see this taken further with multiplayer. One suggestion I wanna leave is if you defend with more than double than your attacker then you do some kind of counter-attack with the remainder or something like that.


Thanks for checkin out Candy Island! Glad the confusing start didn't stop you from trying again :)

Anyway, this game was pretty cool. I chuckled heartily at some of the dialog, specially the wizard's one-liners. At first, I thought the game was too easy, though it ramped up pretty well at the end. I would be interested in playing a versus mode against another human - there are not enough fast paced competitive puzzle games.


I love the cover art :). Nice fluent gameplay, was nice to beat that corporate schmuck!

Quite possibly the best game I've played this year.

Many lols.

A rollercoaster of emotion.

10/10 would play again.

10/10 would bang.