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BAH! I well tell the folks behind the engine.
Thanks for the report! Can you download it and play? I think that's an option on itch

Can't play it :(

That's beautiful!
Love the graphics!

I like it!
Could probobly benifit a lot from some sound?

I also had errors with loading it. :(

I really like this!
Awesome graphics and a really unique idea.

Awesome UX and great art! A bit unintuitive to know what you're supposed to do but it was a neat experience overall.

I love the cover art :). Nice fluent gameplay, was nice to beat that corporate schmuck!

Nice idea, I haven't seen this particular "reverse tetris" gameplay before. Took a few seconds to realize what I was supposed to do but after that it was a fluent experience. Good job :)

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I tweaked the collision between player and lawyer now so you should have less trouble with that if you try again :).

Love the concept! I now know how a manager at King.Com must feel every day. Smooth fluent gameplay. GJ guys :)

I made it and I love it!

Grats on finishing! :)


All done!
Can be found here!

Post whatever you got?
Would be interesting to see something.

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Pretty much all done!
Still a minor issue we need to solve before the final stuff thou.
Here's a massive video thingy!

Hehe, I like the bravery here! GL :)

You can do it! Loved your idea :)

Nice updates! Looking forward to see more :)

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Just finished for today, we managed to get some more animations in, added simple AI and got the combat somewhat working.

Gif right here :
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We now have some things running in the engine.

Basic jumping,walking,camera,punching and kicking are now somewhat working.
Still going to be a real stressful weekend.

Hey, neat effect!

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Still getting familiar with the engine.
It's mostly setup thou.

Quick mock-up:

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Random Game Seed: 67126780656

Random Game Idea: A fighting game where you gather protesters against worship.

Qualifiers: none

Title: : Athefists of fury

Idea: River city ransom styled fighting game where you punch some common sense into horrible religious fanatics and turn them into your protesters instead. We are mainly thinking that you will be fighting vs the westboro baptist church protesters and turning them around by punching them with your fists: Common and sense.

We do not have a full week to spend on this so we will try to cut down on art time a bit by making this a Game Boy styled game with low resolution pixelart and and that sweet green color-palett.

We got our hands on King's new engine defold and will be building the game in that.