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Entry: A Strange Kind of Wizard

A topic by DeltaDaedalus created Jan 15, 2016 Views: 224 Replies: 4
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Random Game Seed: 58230179540

Random Game Idea: An unconventional game where you handle the most interesting wand, no matter what anyone thinks.

Qualifications: "Unconventional" is barely a genre, and isn't particularly fun to try to pull off during a game jam, so I'm leaving it out.

Title: A Strange Kind of Wizard

Idea: I barely have an idea for gameplay yet, but the story will definitely revolve around being a naive little dude with a wand and wizard hat, going around interacting with, and trying to prove himself to, wizards who take themselves and their wands much more seriously.


Haha, this could be fun! I hope you figure out the best way to pull it off! :)


Here's a video that shows off pretty much everything I've got so far, and there are also lots of other things on that blog showing how i got here. I'm probably going to have to cut the scope back from what I was originally hoping to get done, so the game will probably be primarily in-world puzzles to access ancient artifacts.


Hey, neat effect!


Here's another video showing what the starting town looks like right now.

I'm going to see what I can get done of a short little introductory story, but ultimately I'm not going to have anything impressive or fun done by tomorrow evening :/

I'm somewhat disappointed in the work I got done during the jam, but ultimately I went into it knowing how little time I was going to have. I'm going to keep working on this over the next two weeks and see if I can have something I'm proud of by then.