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A jam submission

Candy Rush SagaView game page

Escape from King and dash for your life.
Submitted by Curious Carl

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Really nice polished game, art looks great and the gameplay and fun is solid!


pretty nice running game ;)


Thanks for all the feedback guys! I tweaked the collision between player and lawyer now so you should have less trouble with that if you try again :).


Really solid game and pretty addictive. Great art too! Only problem I had was the collision box on the lawyer seemed to be pretty far ahead of the sprite. Great work!


Fantastic art, nice feel for the little part I got to try. But as I'm not very elite speed-runner and since the collision box on the lawyer was way larger than the sprite (or was it the character's?), I was eaten constantly. Got to 30pts at best.

Oh no my game has the same title! Please don't copyright attack me. You know what they say though? great minds think alike. I really like this game. The score system is fluid the gameplay is challenging but the controls are a little awkward ,however I know how hard it is to make a good control system and the art was snazzy so its 5/5 from me. Well done and good luck.


Great art! Collision felt a little off at times - I'd sometimes die and have no idea why. Love the idea of King smashing down your wall as soon as you uploaded a game.

It's gud.

Brilliant little game. Dangeroursly addictive...

I love you too!


I made it and I love it!