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Jarcas Studios

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well, I might be interested in teaming up on something. Do you have any themes or gameplay ideas you want to work with?

You can DM me on Twitter @StoicHamster if you want to take this discussion elsewhere.

Cool, thanks! I've been a professional game dev for 10+ years, but have never messed with voxels. Always something new!

So, on your end, have you worked in an actual game dev context much? Or do you mainly make standalone art pieces?

Interesting. So, do those voxel plugins convert your voxel art into traditional 3D meshes so that they can be used just like any other Unity mesh? Or are there limitations on how they can be used (eg - they won't respond to lights properly)?

Nice work there! What tools do you use? I'm a Unity programmer, so I was mainly wondering how your content would be imported into the Unity engine.

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Hey, your game wouldn't load for me. I can play other Unity Web Player games, but yours just gets stuck on the Unity logo loading for some reason. I did watch the video though. (UPDATE - probably not a problem with your game... looks like I'm having problems w/ all Unity web player games on itch, even though they seem to work on other sites)

Do you use some special plugins/systems to get your voxel art in Unity? Or is it really just standard 3D mesh files stylized to look like that?

I'm a programmer with over 10 years of professional game dev experience, 5 of those using Unity exclusively. I've also participated in about 5 or so game jams in the past.

My original plan was to work on this jam solo, but I might be swayed into joining a team if someone has a really cool game idea or there's a really talented team or individual out there looking for a programmer.