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very nice concept !

and soo hard ! reached level 14 :D

funny concept, seems like the king is'nt scatophile

clever puzzle game with sweet graphics, great job !

very nice gameplay idea mixing candies to change weapon. Same as Herr got some collisions problems, enemies always diyng when reaching center of the map :(

this death sound ... :3

great job pretty addictive rpg with most simple battle mechanics ever :p

love the features part of the text !

awesome puzzle game !

sweet pixel art, I find gameplay slow for a runner game :/

great parody 

368790 points :)

could give much more fun if you quicker increae difficulty and make some candies have different paths I think ;)

Great concept, EAT THE WORLD xD

ate too many candy trees, contracted diabete !

nice puzzle idea, took me time to understand what was that big candy on top right.

missing some more levels, like you say on last one, when we start to understand the game it's over ;)

funny game, I've nerver control a candy on space before xD .. and these tubes are so evil !

great job ! these candies are so hard to beat ... :p

some candies missing ...

pretty nice running game ;)

nice gameplay idea !

great job ! Somme puzzles need lot reflexion .. hard at the end of the day :p

Nice game, fun to play and clever title indeed !

best score : 58

Very fun game ! I find the way to have quest after a while (click in the top bar where it says 0 quests)

awesome art ! I always get 0 score, dont know if I don't get it or if it's a bug ^^'

Great idea !

simple gameplay but so diifcult at the end :p

Axesome gameplay and graphics, congrats !

amazing graphics in fact !

(I get scrollbars too :s)

Love the idea ! Texts are so fun xD

Nice concept, I expected more levels ^^

Too similar to candy crush, but still a bit funny.

Have'nt seen my score at the end, you could display it on game over screen ;)